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    Superintendent Matt Hill

    Looking Forward to 2021

    Dear BUSD Students, Families, and Employees:

    2020 was the year that tried to break us, but instead it brought us together. Even with so much heartbreak and loss we were able to rally together to stay focused on the health and safety of our community. We debated and disagreed but, in the end, we all advocated for what we thought was best for students, families, and employees. These open dialogues allowed us to navigate one of the most difficult years we have faced.

    Throughout this challenging year we still had many successes. Here are just a few example of what we accomplished.

    -         Created innovative online learning opportunities

    -         Identified creative ways to stay connected, even though we were apart

    -         Provided over 11,000 meals per week for our families in need

    -         Distributed over 6,500 Chromebooks and 1,800 hotspots

    -         Started to have courageous conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion 

    2020 taught us the power of resiliency, empathy, and grace. We will build on those skills as we welcome 2021. The Board of Education and I wish you all a healthy and relaxing winter break. 

    Take care,
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