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New Safety Protocols

BUSD is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with Raptor Technologies to bring enhanced security measures to our schools and campuses. You may have already noticed a component of this system on our campuses when scanning your ID or signing in as a school visitor. New features this year will include the ability to efficiently scan student’s IDs as they enter secondary campuses, which will begin the first day of school at our high school campuses. Additional components of the Raptor system will be incorporated into our emergency drills to increase student accountability, safety, and assist with reunification with parents in case of a real emergency situation. More information about security improvements will be communicated as this system is integrated into our current practices and procedures.

We do not anticipate congestion when students are entering campus. However, we still recommend giving ample time to arrive at school so students can make their way to their first classroom.

Information about Raptor (English)

Información sobre Raptor (Español)

Տեղեկություն Raptor-ի մասին (հայերեն)