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Physical Education at Muir

  • Muir Physical Education Department (P.E.)

    Goal of the Department

    John Muir Middle School’s Physical Education Department is designed to help train each student in personal fitness and skillful movements, while teaching to the state standards set forth by the Department of Education.  Every student will be placed in a positive learning environment where they will be given every opportunity to develop learning experiences geared to improving performance in motor and fitness activities.  The Physical Education Department will also be preparing the student to pass the California State mandated fitness exam.  It is the goal of the department that each student maximizes their full potential physically, and that they develop the knowledge, fitness levels, motor skills, and personal and social skills to obtain the ultimate goal of a lifetime of physical activity and health.

    PE at Muir

    Grading Guidelines

    Physical Education teachers at John Muir Middle School take great pride in providing a comprehensive curriculum, with many different variables in which students can be assessed and graded.  The physical education program includes curriculum-aligned instruction and assessment and creates an opportunity for all to learn.  Students at John Muir Middle School will be assessed on 5 categories:  Activity level, Achievement level, Knowledge & Skills, Final mile run & Final written test.  Within each category are a set of criteria in which the students will be graded.

    35 - 40% Activity level (the practice and development of motor & social skills)
    35 - 40% Achievement level (performance on weekly runs/physical tests)
    10 - 15% Knowledge & Skills (written work / skills grades / quizzes)
    8% Final mile run (end of each semester)
    2% Final written test (end of each semester)

    Our Staff

    Women’s Side

    • Durham
    • Hoover
    • Peevyhouse 

    Men’s Side 

    • Nicol
    • Sevic
    • Washausen

    The Goal of Our P.E. Program

    Our program is designed to help train the student in personal fitness and skillful movements.  We try to develop experiences which will offer satisfaction in performing motor and fitness activities.  We will also be preparing the student to pass the California State mandated Fitness Exam.

    Our Facilities – Locker Rooms

    • Each student is assigned a PE locker (no sharing of lockers)
    • No backpacks in the locker room for 8th grade boys
    • They should only keep their PE clothes in the lockers
    • Students get two minutes to dress and get out to their PE classes
    • We expect proper behavior in the locker room!!!
    • Take PE clothes home every Friday to wash!!!

    Proper Dress Code for P.E.

    The following rules are for safety and ease of participation:

    • All clothes to be labeled with student’s name
    • Shirts to be tucked in
    • Shorts to fit properly, pulled up and worn at the waist
    • Shoes – athletic style, laced up and properly tied (no slip ons)
    • White, gray or black athletic socks

    Our Units

    • Basketball – all grades
    • Classroom – all grades
    • Conditioning – all grades (weekly – Tue. & Thurs.)
    • Court hockey – all grades
    • Flag football – 7th/8th
    • Paddle tennis – 6th/8th
    • Soccer – 6th/8th
    • Softball – all grades
    • Track and field – all grades
    • Tumbling and dance – all grades
    • Volleyball – 7th/8th

    State mandated physical fitness testing done in spring semester

    Extra Activities for 8th graders

    • Tri-school basketball (with grade/citizenship requirements)
    • All city track meet (for all grade levels) held in the Spring at the high school
    • We have our own Muir track meet at school to qualify for the all city
    • Athletic director from Burbank High comes to sign up students for sports and activities
    • Faculty – student games

    Kids running Bean Run


    • It is 10 miles long
    • They make us run the whole time!!! 


    • They are allowed to run or walk!
    • It is 23-22 minutes
    • 3 laps = 1 mile
    • 3 miles (9 laps) for the best runners
    • 7 laps = A
    • 6 laps = B
    • 5 laps = C
    • Anything less needs to be made up

    Mile Run (based on the California fitness standards)

      6th Girls 7th Girls 8th Girls
    A = 0-8:59 0-8:59 0-8:29
    B = 9-9:59 9-9:59 8:30-9:29
    C = 10-11:59 10-11:29 9:30-10:59
    D = 12-12:29 11:30-11:59 11-11:29
    F = above 12:30 above 12:00 above 11:30


      6th Boys 7th Boys 8th Boys
    A = 0-8:29 0-7:59 0-7:29
    B = 8:30-9:29 8-8:59 7:30-8:29
    C = 9:30-10:59 9-10:29 8:30-9:59
    D = 11-11:29 10:30-10:59 10-10:29
    F = above 11:30 above 11:00 above 10:30

    Make up Runs

    • Students should make up a run within one week after an excuse expires.
    • The following are reasons to attend a make up run: failed run (for grade improvement & physical strenghtening) & missed run (for any reason, including: injury, illness, excused, appointments and absences).
    • The make up day: Fridays – 3:05-3:30pm; 12 min. of continual running.
    • Location: Mustang field or Gym
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