BHS Virtual Registration 2020

  • Burbank High School

    Virtual Registration 2020/2021 School Year


    Greetings Burbank High students and families! Due to COVID-19, this year we will be holding registration virtually. There are various methods that students can choose from in order to communicate with their counselor regarding their schedule for next year. The details on each are listed below.


    General Information:


    • We ask that all families complete the Parent Data Confirmation (PDC) prior to virtual registration. Information was sent to families from the district and school site regarding how to complete the PDC process. PDC is live now and began on July 20th. 


    • On July 31st, all students will have access to view their course requests via their AERIES portal account. Course requests are the classes that were chosen and do not include teacher names or specific class periods during the school day. 


    • Students should review their course requests carefully to ensure that all courses needed for graduation are present.  


    • Students will have an opportunity to connect with their counselor using the following methods.
      • First, students may meet with their counselor via ZOOM. Details regarding date/time of ZOOM meetings are listed below.
      • Second, students may fill out a Google form to request simple schedule changes (ex: switch from regular History to AP, change from Honors English to regular English) Google form may be accessed here:
      • Third, students may email their counselor a general question. The Google form link will be provided within each counselor’s email message. Please note, sending multiple emails to counselors requesting the same change will greatly slow response time. Lastly, students can leave a voicemail for their counselor. Please note that counselors will be working on student schedules and response time for emails and voicemails will be answered as time allows.


    • Please note that the following list of concerns/questions can be addressed during the ZOOM meeting:
      • Students are taking a Summer course for credit recovery, grade improvement or initial credit. Students can discuss the alternate course once the Summer course is completed.
      • Students are missing a course that is a graduation requirement (ex: English, Fine Art, etc..).
      • The course request has the words “SEE COUNSELOR”. The counselor has specific questions regarding the schedule.
      • There is a “HOLE” in the schedule ( ex: only 5 classes listed, but student needs a 6th class). Please note the following change: There are no TA’s this year. Counselors may place a “SEE COUNSELOR” on a students schedule in order to discuss an alternate course.
      • Due to time constraints, the above concerns/questions are the only ones that can be addressed during the ZOOM meeting. ZOOM meetings will be limited to 10 minutes and students will be accessed from the waiting room feature in the order they enter.


    • As counselors return to work, they will be tasked with reviewing each student's course requests and ensuring that students are placed in classes required for graduation. As a result, emails and phone messages will be answered as time allows. Please be patient as counselors work through these tasks.


    Grade Level ZOOM Schedule: ZOOM links can be found on the "Counselor Zoom Meetings" tab on the left side of this page.

    • 12th grade: August 3rd and 4th. 
      • Times: 8am-10:00am, 11am-12:30, 1:30-3. 
    • 11th grade: August 5th and 6th.
      • Times: 8am-10:00am, 11am-12:30, 1:30-3.
    • 10th grade: August 10th and 11th.
      • Times: 8am-10:00am, 11am-12:30, 1:30-3.
    • 9th grade: August 12th
      • Times: 8am-10:00am, 11am-12:30, 1:30-3.


    Additional Information:


    • 9th Grade Parent Night- Virtual Presentation will be on Wednesday, August 5th. Presentation will be accessed via the Burbank High School website. 


    Counselor Breakdown

    *subject to change



    Phone Ext.



    A-DIA & DHH