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    "Studies find that students participating in drama and/or drama integration programs are more expressive and elaborate in their storytelling and use more complex language compared with other children. One study, for example, found that students were more confident in speaking and using complex language after participating in a drama program." (Brouillette & Jennings, 2010)

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    Welcome to the Burbank Unified Arts for All Theatre Arts Resource page - A practical collection of strategies and lesson plans for incorporating creative, standards based dramatic arts with your students.  The Burbank Unified K-5 Theatre Curriculum centers on the five strands of the California State Standards for Theatre.  Each grade level is expected to receive standards based instruction in Theatre Arts including elements of Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Historical & Cultural Context, Aesthetic Valuing, and Connections, Relationships, and Applications. 

    K-5 Theatre Standards for BUSD Theatre Curriculum