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  • NeitherSchool Wide Classroom Activities/Projects: Neither by Airlie Anderson

    After being away for almost two years due to COVID, the school wanted to find ways to bring us all together. One of the ways that we thought we could do this was to do a school-wide read aloud book in each classroom followed by an activity or project. 

    For Trimester 2, the school chose the book, Neither by Airlie Anderson.  This book celebrates what makes each of us unique and different and finding our place in a diverse community and world.  We want our students to understand  that our differences, such as how we look, the color of our eyes and hair, what foods we like, what sports or activities we like, what instruments we play, and/or what languages we can speak, make us who we are and that we are proud of these differences and that we are accepting of them. 

    Below is a photo gallery of the projects. Enjoy!


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