• January 19, 2020

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 1/19/2020

    Good evening Burbank High School families, this is Dr. Crowther with announcements for the week of Monday, January 20, 2020.

    A reminder there is no school tomorrow, in recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

    Did you know that in all of his historic speeches during the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King avoided the use of the word “tolerance?” It is a fine line between tolerance and intolerance, and Dr. King believed it was not enough to simply tolerate one another. Instead, he encouraged Americans to love even in the face of hate and injustice.

    At Burbank High School, we aim for a campus where every student is compassionate, respectful and responsible. It can be hard, in a time where our Nation is clearly divided along so many lines. We will continue this work, which is every bit as important as our academic endeavors.

    This Friday, fifteen students have been nominated to participate in the annual Character and Ethics Project’s annual Youth Leadership Conference at Glendale College. Additionally, on Wednesday, January 29 more than 60 students will lend their voices to student panels discussing race and equity issues at Burbank High School and in our community. Invitations to the student panels will be announced this week. We hope through efforts like these, our students will help our amazing faculty and staff better for all Bulldogs.

    Last week, four students were honored by the Congressional Office of House Representative Adam Schiff for winning the 2019 Congressional App Challenge. Armen Arkelyan, Haroutyun Joulfayan, Leah Breyer and Jhan Pogosyan had the opportunity to explain their app, which allows users to monitor their carbon footprint, to the congressman during a conference call. Congrats to each of them, as well as Coding Club Advisor Ms. Brenda Kosbab.

    The girls’ water polo team is quietly having an amazing month. It’s victory at Glendale High, 12-11, last week improved their playoff prospects and gave them momentum heading into this past weekend’s “Nogales Tournament.” Yesterday, they won two more games over Chino Hills and El Rancho highs to finish the tournament 4-0! Congratulations to our Bulldogs!

    As winter sports winddown, and, as the spring seasons launch I would like to remind all parents that these seasons and experiences belong to our student-athletes and coaches and not to us as fans. Student-athletes are expected to be student-athletes in the truest sense of the word, while also representing BHS well on-and-off playing grounds. Coaches work very hard, for little compensation, teaching the sport they loved as athletes and doing everything in their power to win within the rules of the game.

    We appreciate our fan and parent support, and we will always welcome both praise and criticism that offers opportunities to reflect on ways to make the student-athlete experience better for all. We ask for your support, trust and partnership to that end. Thank you.

    I encourage community members to inform themselves on the upcoming “Measure I,” an important ballot measure for our schools to maintain art, music, and athletic programs as well as current class sizes. The Burbank Teachers Association’s headquarters at 3021 Burbank Blvd. is home to the measure’s “Yes” campaign. It is open every weekend through March 1 and volunteers would be happy to provide information to interested parties.

    The measure has the support of the City Council, PTSA, BTA, CSEA, BASA, BEF, and BAFA but will ultimately need votes of 2/3s of our community to pass. Regardless of how folks vote, I encourage our seniors who are turning voting age to take full advantage of their voting rights as Americans. I was proud to see BHS win the Clerk’s Cup for registering more than 200 students to vote during the fall semester. I want all of them to exercise this right in March during the California Primary.

    Voters who would like to know the facts about education and funding for schools in the state of California should take the free course at Ed100.org. I am one of BHS’s proud Ed100 graduates, and you should be too!

    This concludes this week's announcements. Have a wonderful week ahead and good night.

    -Dr. Crowther

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  • January 12, 2020

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 1/12/2020

    Good Evening Bulldogs,

    This is Dr. Crowther with an abbreviated and belated Sunday call for the week of Monday, January 13, 2020. I apologize, but as you know there was an internet outage over much of Burbank this weekend, and we are just now up-and-running. It is easy to forget our reliance on the technology until we’re forced to do without it for a bit.

    Attention potential boys’ volleyball players: We are in the process of hiring a new coach for the 2020 season. We will be offering a workout/tryout for all players this Monday and Wednesday evenings in the gym. Players should wear appropriate shoes, athletic shorts and a white t-shirt. We begin at 5:30 p.m. and we will go until about 8:00 p.m.

    Parents and community members: We invite you to an informational meeting related to Measure “I” Parcel Tax this Tuesday, at 6:00 p.m. at Miller Elementary School’s auditorium – located at 720 East Providencia. Child care and translators for Armenian and Spanish speakers will be provided. Come learn more about the importance of this measure for maintaining music, arts, sports programs and class size in BUSD schools.

    The next “Coffee with Crowther” will be in February, as we pause this month and settle in to the spring semester. Lastly, a reminder, school is closed next Monday, January 20, 2020 in observation of the Martin Luther King Jr.

    We are responsible, respectful and compassionate, and, #WeAreBurbank.

    -Dr. Crowther

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  • January 5, 2020

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 1/5/2020

    Welcome to the Spring Semester 2020!

    This is Dr. Crowther with announcements for the week of Monday, January 6.

    Please be aware, there is no Period 0 tomorrow. Students should report to their first period at 8:02 a.m. All students will be given a new schedule at the start of class. Those students changing first periods will proceed to their new class. It is not uncommon for schedules to change, as roughly 30% of students will have a class change.

    A reminder, PSAT score reports are now available for pick-up in the Student Center. Students can come before school, at Nutrition, at Lunch or after school for their individual score report if they took the practice test in the fall.

    Also, please remember that Mondays are Early Release days. This includes Monday, January 6.

    Finally, the fall and spring marks are the only grades that go on student transcripts. All students have a fresh start with grades at the dawn of a new semester. It is always easier to stay caught-up then to get caught-up. Remember Bulldogs, don't count the days but make the days count.


    This concludes this week's announcements. We are responsible, respectful and compassionate, and, #WeAreBurbank.

    -Dr. Crowther

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  • December 15, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 12/15/2019

    Good Evening Bulldogs,

    Happy Holidays to all BHS families. This is Dr. Crowther with announcements for the week of Monday, December 16, 2019 – the final week of the Fall Semester.

    A reminder, Monday is the last Early Release Day for the 2019 year. School gets out at 1:44 p.m. These do resume when school resumes in 2020. Tuesday-Thursday we are on a block schedule for finals, with school out at 12:33 p.m. each day. Friday is a pupil free day for students.

    I would like to applaud the Instrumental Music Association and the Vocal Music Association for incredible holiday performances each of the past two weekends. When I show my friends and family clips from both events they are left open-jawed, inspired, and, feeling festive. Shout-out to Directors Justin Klotzle and Brett Carroll, the students and the many volunteers who make such memorable shows happen.

    Congratulations to winter sports programs for notching their first wins of the year this past week. The girls’ basketball team opened with a win versus Muir, while the boys’ team won Friday evening at Glendale High School. Our soccer programs both earned wins against Muir. Our girls’ team tied against Glendale on Friday, while the boys lost a tough match, 2-1.

    Finally, I would like to thank interim Assistant Principal of Athletics and Activities, Robin Hatch, for her amazing work this past month on behalf of Burbank High School! When the spring semester begins on January 6, 2020 we will welcome Mr. Brian James who comes to us from Muir High School in Pasadena. Ms. Hatch will return to her Title I position at our feeder, John Muir. She will be missed.

    This concludes the announcements for the week ahead. We are responsible, respectful and compassionate and #WeAreBurbank!

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  • December 1, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 12/1/2019

    A good evening to Burbank High School families, and, Happy Holidays! This is Dr. Crowther welcoming you to December and the home stretch of the 2019 Fall Semester.

    Burbank High School continues to implement Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, or PBIS, on our campus. Our goal is to develop respect, responsibility and compassion in every student. For the months of December and January, we ask students to focus on showing compassion in their everyday lives. Here is how:

    On selected Fridays at lunch, our ASB will have activities in the quad to demonstrate compassion. Additionally, teachers will be incorporating “compassion” into their classroom lessons. The holiday season is a great time to reflect on all the ways individuals can show compassion -- listening or being there for someone, checking-in on someone in distress or by aiming to make a difference at home, community, and globally.

    The holiday season, and the close of the fall semester, is also a stressful time for some students, for many reasons. A reminder that the Care Center at Burbank High School is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to support students who are struggling. Students may drop-in for counseling and mental health related services. Students may also arrange to see their guidance counselor, or one of our psychologists if they are struggling with anxiety, stress or depression. Please help us continue to reduce the stigma associated with mental health related issues by encouraging your student to reach out for help as needed.

    Please download our “app” for all things BHS. Please note, this app includes a recently revised “Bullying/Harassment Tip Link. This link allows students and parents to report potential safety threats to campus. A reminder to all, if one sees something, they should say something.

    Attention parents, if your student recently received a notice regarding the State Physical Fitness Test, please help remind them report to the gym during lunch on both, December 11 and 12 to complete this two-part fitness test. This test is required by the State of California to graduate high school. If they are a senior, this is their last opportunity to complete this test and they must attend. If they are a junior, they will be placed in a PE course next semester if they do not attempt and complete this test. Please be sure they report to the gym with their ID on December 11.

    Seniors, if you need nothing else for Christmas, consider asking each member of your family to make a $10 donation to the Burbank High School Graduation 2020 campaign. The same cost of a ticket to the graduation ceremony in May, a $10 donation can help offset the cost of hosting the event on our campus again this year. We must be across the 50% threshold by the end of the month in order to hold the event at BHS. Alternatively, we would hold graduation on Memorial Field, located off the campus of Burroughs High School. Contact parent volunteer, Ani Pakhanyan at aniapakhanyan@aol.comfor more information. Donations can also be made directly in our Finance Office.

    And finally… a huge congratulations to our Boys’ Cross-Country Team, who placed fifth in the State of California’s CIF Division I Championships yesterday! This was the toughest division in the State, and, arguably the toughest the Division I competition has ever been. Our team, led by Coach Kathryn Nelson finished with the highest finish in our school’s history. A total time of 1:18.53, an average time of 15:47 seconds and an top ten showing in the entire state. Congratulations to seniors Victor Goli, Anthony Chiaravalle, Dayne Ellis, Steven Wright and Tade Shanazari and juniors Andres Leon and Tyler Jenkins on a historic run! It couldn’t happen to a nicer group, a “Magnificent 7” who are student-athletes in the truest sense of the word. 

    This concludes announcements for the week ahead. Remember Bulldogs, don’t count the minutes, make the minutes count! Finish the semester strong, and, earn that soon to come winter break.

     Dr. Crowther

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  • November 24, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 11/24/2019

    Good evening parents,

    This is Dr. Crowther with announcements for Thanksgiving Week 2019. I am grateful to have come to Burbank High School in support of all of you this year.

    Congratulations to our Boys’ Varsity Cross Country team for its 4th place finish in the CIF Division I Finals -- the toughest division in the State. The magnificent seven advance to the California State Meet for the first time since 2011. The Bulldogs will travel to Fresno next Saturday for the state finals at Woodward Park.

    I would also like to congratulate our hardworking girls’ team, who fell short yesterday in their efforts to advance to the State Meet once again. They still had an incredible season once again.

    Seniors, now that you’ve ordered your Advanced Placement exams you have a little time before you’ll be purchasing tickets to Prom. This is the perfect window before Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday to make your donation to the cost of Graduation at Burbank High School! Seniors are asked to donate at least $50 per household so that we can once again host graduation on our campus. Donations can be made to our Finance Office window, or through PayPal. Contact parent volunteer Ani Pakhanyan at aniapakhanyan@aol.com for more information about donating, or, for information on upcoming events.

    A thank you to the parents who attended last week’s “Coffee with the Principal” for the discussion on school safety, as well as the faculty and staff who contributed to our afterschool discussion on safety last Thursday. We have been touched by the recent shooting at Saugus High School, and we were disrupted by the hoax at John Burroughs High School in recent weeks. But, through our work with the Burbank Unified School District, the Burbank Police Department and our Burbank Community – our schools remain safe.

    A reminder to all, the best way to ensure safety of all students is the continued focus on subscribing to the mantra, “If you see something, say something.” I encourage students and parents to email me directly should they wish to report a potential safety concern. From a tripping hazard somewhere on campus, to a rumor of a campus fight, we need to hear from bystanders and work together as a school community. I can be reached at thomascrowther@burbankusd.org.

    This concludes announcements for the week ahead. Remember, we are responsible, we are respectful and we are compassionate. We are Burbank. Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

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  • November 17, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 11/17/2019

    Good Evening Burbank Bulldogs and families,


    This is Dr. Crowther with announcements for the week of Monday, November 18, 2019.


    Congratulations to our Mock Trial team, who made the "sweet sixteen" of an original 101 schools in the Senior Division for the 42nd annual Los Angeles County Mock Trial Competition through the Constitutional Rights Foundation. In Round 1, our Law Dogs played the role of the Prosecution. In Round 2, they were assigned the defense. Monday, they will once again play the role of the defense at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse of Los Angeles. Congratulations to the students, and Advisor Ms. Lauren Wygle on making it this far.


    Both the boys' and girls' cross country teams have qualified for CIF Finals after the boys' team place third and the girls' team fifth at preliminaries last week. Both teams are in the top 15 of the CIF Division I rankings. Coach Kathryn Nelson and her squads continue to make us proud while finding a place in the school record books. Way to go Bulldogs!


    Our football season came to a close last Friday after a tough loss to top-seed Serrano High, who remained unbeaten. That said, we are proud of our team who battled to the end in spite of injuries and adversity. Good luck to our seniors in their next chapter.


    The BHS dance program had an amazing two nights of performances this past weekend. From the young Bulldogs in training, to the elite Unleashed, it was a night to remember as our students showcased both their artistic talent and athleticism.


    Class of 2020, please note that we have fallen off the pace in our efforts to raise the funds needed to host graduation on our BHS campus. We need to raise at least half of our money by the winter break, and, to date we have only raised a third. We have asked for $50 per senior to offset the expense of bringing the event to Burbank High School. Donations can be made through PayPal, or directly to our Finance Office. If someone is unable to donate direct funds, but if they are willing to help in other ways, they are encouraged to contact parent Ani Pakhanyan at aniapakhanyan@aol.com. We are interested in tickets, passes or other items that could be auctioned off, or, the gift of your time in order to make this happen once again for our seniors. Please give at whatever level or in whatever ways you can. Thank you.


    This concludes announcements for the week ahead, remember, we are responsible, respectful and compassionate. And, we are Burbank! 

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  • November 10, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 11/10/2019

    A good Veterans’ Day evening to all BHS families and a thank you to those parents and alumni who gave service to the United States of America as a member of the armed forces. This is Dr. Crowther with announcements for the week ahead.

    Congratulations to our football team, who notched a 40-20 win to open the CIF Southern Section playoffs last Friday at Don Lugo High School in Chino. The Bulldogs will host unbeaten Serrano High School in quarterfinal-action at Memorial Field this Friday, November 15 at 7:00 p.m.

    We want a huge fan turnout for this game. Our ASB has purchased a block of tickets for this playoff game. The first 250 students in attendance for this game will be admitted free! These tickers are released first come, first serve, with gates opening at 5:45 p.m. Remaining tickets are $5.00 for students and $10.00 for general admission.

    Congratulations to the Burbank High School, “Bulldogs’ Brigade” for placing first in their final two field show competitions this past Saturday. Your program, parents, and the BHS family are incredibly proud of your accomplishments to date this season.

    Last week, the Burbank Unified School District’s Board of Education selected Mr. Steven Hubbell as the new Assistant Principal of Athletics and Activities at Burroughs. This is an amazing opportunity for Mr. Hubbell, who will have both sons attending the school next fall. We will miss him at BHS, but, we wish him well on his next endeavor. 

    While we begin the search for the next assistant principal at BHS, we are pleased to welcome Ms. Robin Hatch to BHS in the interim. Ms. Hatch is the Title I Coordinator at John Muir Middle School. She is familiar with our students and staff, having served at BHS as an interim administrator for a portion of last school year as well.

    Our next “Coffee with the Principal” is Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 8:15 a.m. in the  school cafeteria. Come chat with me, Dr. C., on all things BHS. Please come as your schedules allow.

    This concludes announcements for the week ahead, have a wonderful evening.

     -Dr. Crowther

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  • November 3, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 11/3/2019

    Good Evening Bulldogs,

    This is Dr. Crowther with announcements for the week ahead.

    On Monday, there will be a short awards reception for students being recognized by our PTSA for their entries in the annual reflections contest. The reception takes place at 4:30 p.m. in the school library.

    Thursday evening, the BUSD Board of Education will honor our three National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist: Kim Papa, Anna Tong and Corine Chung as well as our National Hispanic Scholars: Samuel Almer, Allen Arsenian, Matthew Castro, Sol  Fernandez, Cassandra Morin-Gaona, Amira Ottosson, and Gabriel Preciado. Congratulations to these amazing students, we are so proud of each of you!

    Also Thursday, several members of the community will be on campus as part of the “Senior for a Day” event. Bulldogs, remember to show our guests that we are responsible, respectful and compassionate on our campus and as a part of our school behavior expectations under PBIS.

    Burbank High Football begins a new season with a first-round CIF Southern Section playoff game at Don Lugo of Chino, California. Tickets and the chance to ride the “Spirit Bus” start tomorrow at lunch. The cost of a playoff ticket is $10 with a seat on the bus bringing the total to $20 per person.

    The National Federation of High School Associations has released a powerful video called "the Parent Seat." This short video sets expectations for parents in attendance at high school sporting events. I highly recommend this video to all parents, and, I ask that adults remain role models for our students even when calls go against us as they did in last week's "Big Game." Being a high school official is a difficult task, and, officials do their best to get it right. You can view this video at https://nfhslearn.com/library/videos/478.

    A reminder that Monday, November 11, 2019 school is closed in observation of Veteran’s Day.

    This concludes announcements for the week ahead. We are responsible, respectful, compassionate, and, "We are Burbank!"

    -Dr. Crowther

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  • October 30, 2019

    Posted by Lizzie Windler on 10/30/2019

    Good Evening Burbank Bulldogs,

    This is Dr. Crowther with announcements pertaining to the rest of this week.

    1) Thursday, October 31, 2019 is of course Halloween. Students should take a common sense approach to costumes. Costumes should be in good taste, work within the parameters of the BUSD dress code and be school appropriate. No masks or make-up which makes the student unrecognizable or fake weapons may be part of the costumes. Thank you for your time and attention to the above.

    2) Thursday afternoon is the Frosh level football game against crosstown rival Burroughs High. Please note that this is a 3:30 p.m. game at Memorial Field. At this time, this game is on as we continue to monitor the air quality in Burbank and the surrounding area. An update will go out tomorrow as needed.

    3) Friday IS a school day for all students. Once again, school is in session on Friday, and we will be on a rally schedule. The rally schedule is on our website. Participation in the rally is voluntary, and takes place as part of an extended Nutrition. Students are encouraged to come support all fall sports. This year's rally theme is "Friday Night Frights."

    4) Presale tickets for the "Big Game continue this week. Kickoff for the contest against crosstown rival Burroughs HS is 7:00 p.m. at Memorial Field. Gates open at 5:00 p.m., fans should expect to arrive early, and, to wait in line as the 70th annual contests between the two schools is expected to draw thousands of fans.

    Remember in the excitement of this week that students and fans should honor our PBIS Behavior Expectations. Let's BE RESPONSIBLE, BE RESPECTFUL and BE COMPASSIONATE and make it a good time for all involved.

    Thank you.

    Dr. Crowther   

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