The GATE Program at Muir

  • John Muir Middle School has a strong GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program that provides gifted students with opportunities to go in-depth through curriculum, activities, field trips, and projects, while being taught by teachers trained in differentiation, critical thinking skills and gifted instruction.

    In middle school, gifted students have GATE classes in English, History, and Science (Math placement is determined with a separate criteria).  The teachers who teach GATE classes receive ongoing training in gifted instruction and the curriculum is designed to be more rigorous and complex than the normal curriculum.  In these classes all students are identified gifted.  Occasionally, there are a few openings and those spots are given to students who scored well on the GATE placement test, but did not score well enough to qualify as gifted.

    If a student has not been identified as gifted, parents or teachers can nominate them.  Nominated students are given the CogAT 7, a cognitive abilities test.  Students that score at a certain level on the CogAT 7 are identified as gifted and qualify for GATE classes and the GATE program.  

    Outside of the classroom, there a number of unique opportunities for students through the GATE program.  There are field trips, family nights, lunchtime activities and special guest speakers all for our GATE students. There are also activities available through the BUSD GATE program.  For more information on that, please go to:

    If you have any other questions, please contact our GATE coordinator, Dr. Greg Miller at




Last Modified on February 25, 2021