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Senior Quotes

  • DUE OCTOBER 8, 2019

    1. You have 140 characters (no emojis please. Spaces and punctuation count as characters)
    2. Your quote must be school appropriate.  No profanity, inappropriate references, or negativity toward any groups or people.  Your quote must be established, with a cited source, meaning it can not be something your friend said.  Be creative, but classy.     
    3. Not sure which quote to choose? Imagine opening your yearbook in 10 years and reading your quote.  How will you feel about it?  Choose something you won't regret!   
    4. You will only have one chance to have your quote included.  If it is inappropriate for a professional school publication, or longer than 140 characters, it will NOT be included!  NO EXCEPTIONS! 


    Once you have decided on your quote, please fill out this form:


Senior Portraits

  • If you have not already booked your appointment at White's Studios, please do so ASAP.  Your Senior portrait MUST be taken by SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 to be included in the yearbook.  


Senior Baby Photos

  • Seniors, if you would like a cute and fun photo of you as a baby to be featured in the yearbook, please make sure to email a high quality photo to the following email: bhsbabyphotos@gmail.com

    Your photo must be saved as a .jpeg, should be a scan of an original photo (not a photo of a photo), and should be sent with your first and last name.  You will receive confirmation of your submission.  

    DUE OCTOBER 8, 2019

    Any questions?  Please see Ms. Platner in room 1204 or 2217, or email: rebeccaplatner@burbankusd.org

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