• Burbank High School offers many Visual Art courses. We have highlighted a few of our programs below. For a more detailed description of all courses, please view the BUSD Course Description Guide.

    Burbank High School Animation Decorative Header

    The BHS Animation Program provides experiences in traditional and contemporary techniques for designing and creating the illusion of movement.  Students learn and practice the entire process of developing an original, animated short, from concept to storyboard, character design, movement, and sound and editing.  Student work is submitted to film festivals, and can also be viewed on our YouTube channel:  BHSanimation.  In 2014 BHS Animation student Kendra Sazon won 'Best Film' in the Animation category of the annual Los Angeles Student Media Festival.

    BHS Animation is partnered with Nickelodeon Studios to support our program through frequent guest artist visits and a mentor program, which pairs students with Nickelodeon artists/production staff to guide them through the completion of an original project.  The school year ends with the best animated shorts created by Animation students being screened at 'the BASH' at Nickelodeon.

    Animation I is developed for the interested and untrained student, but drawing experience or completion of Art Structure I is highly recommended.  Students will learn to design characters, backgrounds and graphic images, sequence original concepts on storyboards, and create original animated shorts using a variety of software and methods.  The curriculum includes the study of the animation process, the 12 principles of animation, criteria for analyzing and interpreting animated images, survey of animation history, overview of careers in the field of Animation, and development of personal concepts and artistic skills.  

    Advanced Animation builds on Animation I experiences in traditional and contemporary techniques for designing and creating the illusion of movement, plus focused independent work based on student interest in software applications and methods.  Emphasis is placed on developing original concepts and artistic skills to build a strong and diverse portfolio that reflects the development of a personal artistic style.  Students will initiate and visualize ideas for sophisticated animated shorts or illustrated stories, and create original characters and imagery to clearly convey story or message.


     Burbank High School Sculpture

    The BHS Sculpture Program provides experiences in classical and contemporary sculptural methods in a variety of media, with an emphasis on the elements and principles of art.  The curriculum includes the study of aesthetics, creative expression, criteria for analyzing and interpreting works of art, and personal artistic skill development.  Students will work with a variety of media, such as wire, metal, paper, reclaimed materials, and clays, with a focus on strong design, originality and message. The instruction is conducted in a creative and respectful environment, which supports individual attention, idea development and artistic growth.