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    Burbank High School offers a robust and sequential program of Visual Arts, Career Tech Ed (CTE) and Media courses to provide our students with a variety of creation techniques and experiences. Students can explore personal interests while also compiling creative, quality and industry focused portfolios. We provide multi-year arts programs to allow for depth of study and specialized skills, further preparing students for post-secondary opportunities. Many of our visual arts classes are CTE courses in the Arts Media & Entertainment pathways, providing career relevant experiences and opportunities for community college credit (AME-CTE Pathways). Students benefit from taking a variety of art disciplines during their high school experience to build their visual literacy, concept development, media and technical skills, and understanding of the strong career opportunities in the Media Capital of the World. 

    Burbank High School is proud to be honored with recognitions for our outstanding Visual & Performing Arts & CTE AME Pathways. Our Visual Arts were recognized with California Gold Ribbon and Exemplary Arts Awards. Most recently BUSD received the 2022 Golden Bell Award for our notable CTE AME Pathways, which include the Animation, Film/TV Production, Digital Photography and Technical Theatre Programs at BHS.

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