Enrollment Information

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    Students may enroll in the Independent Learning Academy (ILA) through their middle or high school of residence. Participation in the ILA is voluntary and open to students in grades 7-12 who reside in the Burbank Unified District Boundary. Families living outside the city of Burbank are required to obtain a transfer permit from the home district of residence.

    Students attending Burbank schools who are interested in enrolling at the ILA must first consult their school counselor to begin the transfer process. Students enrolled at the ILA will not be able to participate in CIF sanctioned athletic competition at the traditional high schools. However, students meeting the criteria, may be eligible to attend the Winter Formal, and Prom at their home high schools.

    Interested students should be advised that transferring to the ILA mid-semester may require restarting courses that were already underway at the comprehensive school. Although every effort is made to give credit for work already completed, the ILA may not offer an equivalent course in independent study, and work completed to date may not be sufficient to warrant transfer credit. For these reasons, students who are passing all of their courses at the regular school may benefit from completing the current semester before transferring to the ILA.