• ASB (Associated Student Body) is an elective at Monterey providing student leadership training and opportunities. Students shall be approved to take the ASB class based on attendance, credit completion, and citizenship. All members play a role in running ASB and there are no officers. Each member must participate and take charge of various ASB responsibilities. The purpose of ASB is to develop leadership qualities in the individual student. ASB members should represent the school in all decision making processes and demonstrate pride, spirit, and enthusiasm. ASB Members should be setting the example for all other students to follow. ASB members must first earn their Service Learning Hours, THEN they will receive elective credits. Most ASB member’s average 2-3 credits a quarter. 12 points = 1 credit.

    If you would like to JOIN ASB – you must meet the following requirements:

    • Follow ALL school rules when it comes to Dress Code (including hats, hoods, beanies)
    • Follow ALL school rules when it comes to NOT using technology at school (I-pods, cell phones)
    • Have at least 80 % attendance
    • Do not have a lot of tardies to school
    • Attend all Interventions after school if you are tardy
    • Have no indebts with the Burbank USD

    You must do the following:

    • Earn 20 credits per quarter while at Monterey
    • Have no school suspensions at Monterey
    • Be respectful to all staff members on campus
    • Be available to attend all ASB functions AFTER SCHOOL UNTIL 2:00 PM
    • Major Complaining and whining is not allowed or appreciated
    • Attend all ASB Meetings & Functions when asked to do so