GATE Program

  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)  is an organization for furthering the education of particularly gifted students.

    The program goal of GATE is to provide high quality differentiated learning opportunities that meet the gifted and talented students' particular abilities and talents. In elementary school, students who are identified as GATE are clustered in together in classes. Enrichment activities supplement the curriculum and encourage creative thinking and multi-modalities.

    Students are eligible for the GATE program at the end of third grade and may be identified by their performance on the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). Students must score at least at the 90th percentile on the test.

    GATE programs are operated in approximately 800 districts located in all 58 counties.  There are over 480,000 public school students that have been identified as gifted and talented in the state.

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    Parent of GATE students have the opportunity to participate in planning, implementation and evaluation of the program through the site and the District GATE Parent Advisory Committee (GATE PAC). 

    GATE Parent Advisory Committee meetings for the upcoming school year will be held at the District Office Board Room, 3rd Floor, 1900 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank CA 91506


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