Accelerated Reader

  • Accelerated Reader(AR) is a computer managed reading program.  This program is for ALL readers and helps to monitor the comprehension of independently read books.  The students choose an AR book and after they read it they take a short, multiple choice question test on the computer.  The computer scores the test and awards points to the student based on their performance.  It will also place them on their appropriate reading level based on how they perform on the tests. 

    Below are the step by step directions on how to log on and use the AR program from home:

    1.  Click on the address below to go to the AR website:


    2.  Click on the blue "I'm a Student" tab

    3.  Enter the user name and password sent home with your student.  **Please note that as of 1/5/2015, the passwords for the students have been converted to a new style. Students now type their number password twice.  For example, if the password was 5432, it is now 54325432.

    4.  Under the Accelerated Reader tab, click on "Start Working"

    5.  In the "Find your book" box type in the title or author of the book and click on the green search button.

    6.  Find the correct book title and click on "Take Quiz" button to the right of the selected book.  Please keep in mind that the book's cover art may not be exactly the same.

    7.  Under "What quiz type will you take?" click on the yellow Reading Practice button. 

    8.  Click on the green button that will appear - Start Quiz

    Make sure to answer all the questions and rate how much you liked the book (these are stars).  Once you have completed this step, you will see a flower pot that shows how many points your student has earned.