• New Student Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year begins January 27, 2020.

    Students entering Kindergarten must turn 5 on or before September 1, 2020.

    Parents will be completing the enrollment process online. Please visit the Aeries Online Enrollment page to complete your child's enrollment. Once you have completed your online enrollment you will sign up for an appointment to complete your enrollment using our online calendar below.

    The following documents will be required to complete your enrollment.

    1. Child’s original Certified Birth Certificate.
    2. Current utility bill (Burbank Water and Power, Gas or Landline Telephone). If the utilities are under someone other than a parent/guardian name, you will need to provide a signed letter from that person stating that parent and your student reside at their address. A copy of their photo id must also be provided. Parent must provide one proof of residency (mail with Parent name on it) within 45 days such as payroll check, bank statement, credit card bill, car registration, insurance statement or cell phone bill.
    3. Child’s immunization records.
    4. Photo ID of parent/guardian.
    5. Print out showing your completed enrollment.

    Immunizations Required for School Entry

    • DTP/DTaP/Dt/TD: 5 doses, but 4 doses meets requirement for ages 4-6 if at least one was on or after the 4th birthday.
    • Polio: 4 doses, but 3 doses are enough for ages 4-6 if at least one was given after the 4th birthday.
    • Hepatitis B: 3 doses 
    • MMR: 2 doses 
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox): 2 doses or licensed physician documented varicella disease or immunity.

    For more information regarding immunizations, please visit: Shots for School


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