• ASES (After School Enrichment Studies)

    The ASES program has been at our school for many years. The program coordinator does an amazing job at providing the students with a carefully planned and structured curriculum that allows them to participate in arts projects, work on (and get assistance with) homework, engage in physical activity and work in the computer lab. The ASES program serves approximately 100 students from grades 1-5 every day.

    What are the requirements for my child to participate?
    The ASES program is open to any child in grades 1-5. There are no additional student requirements. Up to 100 students may be enrolled at any time during the school year.

    How much does the program cost?
    To enroll a child in ASES, parents pay only $75.00 per year. Payments may be made by check or cash. 

    Who’s in charge? How can I get in touch with the coordinators?
    Stephanie Fields, District ASES Coordinator

    What are the days, hours, and attendance requirements?
    The ASES program at our school starts on the first day of school in August and closes on the final day of the school year in May. Toward the end the current year, parents may register their children for the program and secure a place for the next school year. ASES is run by a grant provided by the state of California. In order to abide by the grant and its rules, children should attend daily. This is crucial because if ASES doesn't provide acceptable attendance and duration in the program, the state could decrease our funding. We have to follow strict "pick-up" guidelines. Please make sure you pick your child/children up between 5:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. The program begins as soon as the school day ends, no matter what time that is.