• Kindergarten

    Disinfectant Wipes (Baby Wipes)
    Hand Sanitizer (Purell) Liquid Hand Soap (Purell) 
    Paper Towels
    Ziploc Bags (Quart & Gallon)
    #2 Pencils
    Colored Pencils
    Markers (Washable for younger grades)
    Black Sharpies
    Colored Sharpies
    Crayons - 16 in a box (Crayola or Rose Art) 
    Pink Erasers
    Copy Paper
    Notebooks (lined)
    Drawing Paper (Heavier Weight)
    Glue Sticks
    Elmer's Glue
    Scissors (Child size blunt tip and Adult size)
    Tongue Depressors (Thin & Thick )
    Clothes Pins (wooden)
    Masking Tape and Scotch Tape
    Plastic Shopping Bags
    Expo Dry Erase (Low Order Rainbow Colors) 
    Strawberry Baskets (green)
    Colored Tissue Paper (bright & pastels)
    Paper Plates (thin & thick)
    Cardboard Egg Cartons