• VOLUNTEERING AT PROVIDENCIA: Volunteering is the most rewarding and personal way to get involved and support Providencia. Your time is a limited commodity and therefore highly valued when you spend it helping others. With busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to volunteer. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at Providencia to suit your talents and schedule.

    EVENT PLANNING: Big or small there is always a lot of planning and prep work that goes into each of our school events. We always welcome enthusiastic volunteers that want to join our event committees. Event committees generally meet after school in the evenings, and are a great way for working parents who can’t volunteer in the classroom to get involved.

    AT EVENTS: The big events at our school, such as Trunk or Treat and Spring Carnival, require a lot of helping hands on the day of the event. Even the smaller events like Dr. Seuss Day need several volunteers to pull off.
    • 30-60 minute shifts that fit into your schedule
    • various tasks: decorating, selling tickets, serving food, running game booths, overseeing raffles, and cleaning up.

    AT-HOME: When you break down insurmountable tasks into small manageable steps, the projects become less stressful and more rewarding. This is where At-Home volunteers make a huge impact.
    • help out around your work or family commitments
    • doable with under-school-age children
    • make phone calls, send emails, create flyers, grade papers, cut paper for projects, assemble holiday gifts.

    IN-CLASSROOM: Assisting a teacher in the classroom is a hands-on, rewarding experience that is very fulfilling for volunteers. Teachers enjoy having volunteers who can:
    • read to classrooms
    • work with students one-on-one
    • help prepare materials/supplies for projects

    CHAPERONING FIELD TRIPS: supervising students while away from campus. To be considered for chaperoning during field trips, you must be a cleared volunteer 1 month before the trip. Teachers determine who will chaperone the trip for their class.

    Whichever way you choose to volunteer, know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. Volunteering builds a strong sense of community, which helps our children feel safe and thrive.