What are contract classes?

    Students are given a contract which they must fully complete for five credits and all work must be at a “C” grade level or better. The contract specifically states what work the student must complete in order to receive the credit. Homework is always available BUT is usually given only if requested by the student. Students may receive one-on-one teacher instruction if desired. Contracts may be modified based on the individual learning style and academic ability of the student. In each contract there is an expected number of assignments to be completed each week for making reasonable progress. If students fall behind they are expected to stay in the afternoon for Extra Help time to get tutoring on a difficult topic and stay longer until assignments are caught up. Teachers are available until 3 p.m. daily. Five credits is considered to be the amount of work a student should complete in one quarter so students should pace themselves accordingly and devote the amount of time they need to complete the work on time.

    What are Stand-up classes?
    In stand-up classes, the teacher directly teaches the subject matter to the students daily (similar to classes at the Traditional high schools). All students in the stand-up period are working on the same subject and the same material. The class is usually nine to ten weeks long and students must complete 60 hours of productive time in order to receive full credit by the end of the grading period (30 hours of class time and 30 hours of homework time). Good attendance is mandatory if students are planning to succeed in a stand-up class. The teacher sets the pace for the stand-up classes and all deadlines must be met in order to succeed and remain in the class.