Stage Craft Technology


    Industry Sector: Arts Media & Entertainment

    • Stage Tech
    • Stage Craft Tech 1
    • Stage Craft Tech 2
    • Set Design
  • Stage Craft Technology Course Description: In this class, students will participate in the backstage operations of a variety of theatrical productions, acquiring skills useful for careers in the entertainment industry. Students will learn the basic properties of design and how to stage productions from beginning to end. They will learn to use a variety of production equipment, including lighting fixtures and consoles, electrical cabling, microphones, sound mixers, speakers, digital recorders, rigging hardware, and counterweight fly lines. They will also construct sets and assist in props and scenic changes. Students will work as a team to support all the BHS performing arts department shows and gain hands-on experience demonstrating their skills in front of a live audience. For both newcomers and those with some entertainment industry experience, this class accommodates a variety of skill levels and creates a cooperative learning environment. For highly self-motivated students, the sky's the limit!

    Credits: 5 per semester

    When & Where: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30-6:00pm, BURBANK HIGH

  • Careers requiring a high school diploma or equivalent

  • Careers requiring some post- secondary

  • Careers requiring a BA / BS degree

  • For students interested in attending a UC Campus, be aware that requirements meeting the CSU GE pattern may vary from IGETC GE requirements. Students are encouraged to consult a  college counselor for clarification.