• How to log in with Clever to access your child's curriculum:

    Step 1:

    Head over to burbankusd.org/clever
    Or click here to automatically send you there.

    Step 2:

    Please click on "Log in with Active Directory" or "Log in with Microsoft Entra"

    Picture of the Clever Login

    It will ask you to log in with your students email and password.

    *If you are using one of our school Chromebooks, it won't ask you to put in an email or password.*

    Step 3:

    Then you will be greeted with the school applications!

    Picture of the contents slash apps of Clever such as i-Ready and Imagine Learning

    More websites:

    For added reading:
    Visit the Burbank Public Library Website for additional information on various activities.

    For learning how to type:
    Visit Dance Mat Typing.