All parents of English learners are welcome to participate in their school site English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) and District level English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC). These groups provide valuable input for ongoing program improvement. They additionally receive information about curriculum, instruction, program evaluation, and budget. For more information contact our school's ELD Coordinator Angie D'Mello AngieDMello@burbankusd.org,  Curriculum Specialist, Mrs.Debbie Farmer at debbiefarmer@burbankusd.org , Adriana Chavez, our Community Liaison (Spanish) at adrianachavez@burbankusd.org or Kaline Albarian, Community Liaison (Armenian) at Kalinealbarian@burbankusd.org.


    • Advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English Language Learners
    • Advise the School Site Council on the development of the Single School Plan for Student Achievement

    Why Participate in ELAC?

    • To receive information about programs
    • To become aware of student academic progress
    • To get involved in your child’s education         

    ELAC members:

    • Influence the education of their children in a positive way
    • All research shows that when parents are involved in a positive way, students experience success.


    ELAC shall include the following officers:

    • Chairperson:  to organize, convene, and lead meetings of the council; attends DELAC and SSC meetings
    • Vice-Chairperson: to serve in the absence of the chairperson
    • Secretary: to record events and actions taken at council meetings