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    Dear Washington Elementary Families,

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year. 

    As we look forward to another school year, and now that things finally feel back to "normal", I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. 

    Our GWE team will be diving into new science curriculum this year, and our students will be learning so much about their place in the community and how to explore the world around them. We have re-vamped our computer lab to make it a STEM lab. Our students will now be able to participate in hands-on explorations that will help them learn the possibilites that science, technology, engineering and math can bring to our lives. With the influx of arts funding from the state of California, we are expanding our vocal music program so that all grade levels will have music class weekly. In addition, we are bringing back PE teachers for our students in grades 3 - 5.

    What I believe to be our biggest strength at GWE is the diversity that we showcase in every room on campus. We bring students, families, employees and guests of different backgrounds and experiences together to create a school and community that celebrates our differences. At Washington Elementary, we are committed to the work of diversity, equity and inclusion, and believe it is the responsibility of every stakeholder in our school community. We do not tolerate hate speech, microagressions, racial slurs, religious slurs or gender slurs. Students or adults who use that speech will be told to stop. Our goal is to educate all our students in a safe space and be supported by staff who feel they are in a safe space. As our school leader, I am committed to supporting those who have been marginalized, hurt or disrespected in any way.

    Here's to a great year for our Patriots (PATS) as they grow, develop and reflect by being learners who Persevere, Act Responsible, Think of Others and Show Respect.


    Laura Vinyard