Volunteer Programs

  • Becoming a Volunteer:

    If you would like to become a volunteer at Disney Elementary,  a volunteering application must be completed every year. 

    Here is how to fill out the online app:
    1. Log in to:
    2. Please select Classroom Helper
    3. You must also bring in your current TB clearance. There will be a TB clinic in September, or you can do it through your own doctor if you would like clearance sooner. TB clearance is good for 4 years.


    Once completed, it will be sent to the District for a background check. 

    We will also require the following:

    • Photo ID
    • TB clearance - it needs to have been completed no longer than 60 days prior to the day of your application.
    • COVID-19 Vaccination card

    Once all documents are accepted, you should be cleared within just a few days.

    Although you will be asked to reapply every year, your TB test will be valid for four (4) years.

    Volunteering Opportunities:

    • PTA
    • Library
    • Field Trips
    • Special events such as, but not limited to Jump-a-thon, Book Fair, Valentines Day Parties, and more
    • Classroom Help 

    Volunteers are always welcome at Disney! Check in with Brooke Schwartz if you have any questions.