School Site Council

  • The School Site Council (SSC) decides upon academic instructional programs and all related categorical resources expenditures for a school.

    SSC is a school-community representative body made up of:

    • Principal
    • Teachers
    • Classified Personnel
    • Parents or Community Members

    All schools that receive federal or state categorical funding are required to have a SSC to decide how to spend funds.

    School Site Councils are expected to:

    • Develop and approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
    • Set and review goals, as well as select specific improvements.
    • Establish budgets based upon the SPSA.
    • Recommend and submit site plan to the Board of Education (State Administrator) for approval.
    • Review and modify the SPSA and resulting student achievement.
    • Assess effectiveness of planned strategies, activities and remedies.
    • Participate in local, state, and federal reviews of the school's program for compliance and quality.
    • Collaborates with other advisory groups (ELAC, GATE).
    • Encourage broad representation of parents, community members, teachers and students, if appropriate.
    • Include all socio-economic, ethnic and programmatic groups represented in the school-community.
    • Develop and oversee Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Home-School Compact.

    School Site Councils are expected to hold a minimum of four (4) meetings a year. Everyone is welcome to attend, but only SSC members are allowed to vote.

    This year the parent representatives on the School Site Council are Connie LLano Cerrato, and Dakota Hughes. We will be looking for three more parent volunteers to join this important team.  Make sure you introduce yourself and let them know what you would like to see happening at Walt Disney.

    Your school representatives on the SSC are Elizabeth Frederiksen,  Molly Hwang, Erin Marino, Kirsten Jackson and Rosemary Morrison. 

    School Site council will meet four times a year on the following dates:

    • September 24, 2019
    • October 29, 2019
    • November 12, 2019
    • January 28, 2020
    • March 31, 2020 (If needed)

    Meetings will be held in the library from 2:20 until 3:30 pm.