Office Hours


    7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday
    You may call in a student's absence at 818-729-3900 - select the option for attendance
    or dial ext. 21095 at any time of the day or night


Medical Appointments

  • If you must take your student out of school for a medical appointment, you need to provide the office with a note from the physician's office within 24 hours. If you do not supply a note from the physician, the absence is marked unexcused.


  • We encourage you to DOWNLOAD the HUERTA APP on the App store & Google Play. You may easily report absences this way.  You may also phone in to report your student out on the day of the absence. Absences must be reported for each day that your student is out of school. You may request homework by emailing the teacher. Please see our staff directory under School Information.  All absences must be cleared within three days of return to school.

    If your student is out more than fourteen days total for the year a doctor’s note will be required for each additional absence in order for it to be excused.

Office Staff

  • Attendance

    Kristie Smith, Sr. Attendance Tech

    Ext. 21915 or 21095

    Ruby De La Cruz, Attendance Tech

    Ext. 21916 or 21095

Late Arrivals

  • Students arriving after 8:00 AM must enter through the main office and sign in. If a student is not IN CLASS AND IN THEIR SEAT BY 8:00 AM, THEY ARE CONSIDERED TARDY.

Delivering Items to Students

  • Did your student forget something he/she needs? You may bring in what needs to be delivered, ex: glasses, homework, projects, books, etc. and fill out the pink slip on the counter in attendance. We will send the pink slip out to your child who will pick up the item during passing period.

    Daily lunch deliveries are strongly discouraged as we do not have the office staff to deliver lunches to students. Please send a lunch with your student or deposit funds into your student's account via the district website

    If lunches are left on the counter, we cannot guarantee a student will get the lunch, unless you've advised them before school to come and look for it. ADDITIONALLY, MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES (such as UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, etc) ARE NOT ALLOWED AT OUR SCHOOLS. This is a DISTRICT POLICY, so please do not have food dropped off for your students through any delivery services, and do not allow your student to order it on their own. We appreciate your support of this policy. 



  • When do I need to send a doctor’s note?

  • If my child will be leaving school early, what do I need to do?

  • What do I do if I move?

Requirements for Enrollment

  • You must complete an online enrollment packet (blue button at the bottom of the main page). You will print out your packet and call to make an appointment with our counseling office to formally enroll. At that time, all of your information will be reviewed and we will do our best to provide a timely response.

    If you do not live within the Dolores Huerta "feeder district", you must first go to Student Services at the District Office, and obtain a permit to attend Dolores Huerta.

    You will also need to provide the following information: 
                •  Original Birth Certificate 
                •  Immunization Record 
                •  Proof of Residence (Utility bill- we cannot accept leases) 
                •  Transcripts 
                •  Parent ID

    If you are living with another Burbank resident, you will need to fill out a "family with family" form, and that person will need to accompany you to register. They will also need to provide a copy of their license and a utility bill to establish proof of residence.

    If the utilities are under someone else’s name, that person needs to sign a form for residency verification and provide their utility bill and photo ID. If a student is coming from outside of California or the United States they will need a new TB test.

Last Modified on October 6, 2023