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    As Dolores Huerta's library coordinator I will be updating this site daily with our library info and also I'll be sharing websites and information pertaining to all things library!.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Lisa Dyson

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    It is the mission of the Dolores Huerta Library that:

    1. All students leave Huerta MS with the knowledge to be independent life-long learners who are not only ethical, literate users of information, but who are also literate producers of information in order to be successful, productive citizens of the 21st century.
    2. All students will be able to determine their informational needs, recognize relevant information, solve problems, and effectively communicate the results of their research.
    3. All students develop the life-long habit of leisure as well as informational reading.​​

    To that end, everything in our library is there with our students in mind and every student has access to our library.

    HOURS: The library is usually open every day from 7:30 until 3:45, with the exception of Tuesdays when it is closed after school for staff meetings.

    Students are always welcome to come in on their own before school, during nutrition and/or lunch, and after school. Our library is a comfortable environment where students may study, do research and homework, read, or play board games or with Legos.

    All we expect is that students follow the Library Rules of Conduct listed below.

    1. Regular classroom rules apply in the library.
    2. Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED - Students are to eat before they enter the library. 
    3. Please leave backpacks in the designated area.
    4. Please respect each other and each other's property at all times.
    5. Please leave your work area clean.
    6. Computers are to be used for research and homework only.
    7. Students use their current school ID card to check out library books and will be indebted for books that are not returned or are damaged.
    8. If you cannot follow these rules, you will be separated from friends or asked to leave the library.