•  Common Core Teaching Standards Through the Visual Arts:

    Exploring Visual Arts Integration Strategies 


    These sessions present teachers with a variety of teaching strategies that create connective learning opportunities between the visual arts, language arts, history-social studies, and specific areas of the Common Core. Teachers explore original works of art while actively participating in a series of lessons that present strategies for teaching with and interpreting works of art through writing and discussion.  




     Incorporating the California State Dance Standards 

    into the PE Curriculum

    Physical Education teachers participate in dance workshops that incorporated the California Dance Standards into the PE curriculum.  Teachers focus on warm-ups exercises and activities that support both dance and PE standards.  Teachers collobarate on lession planning and unit development.  

  •    Professional Development in Dance

  • Teaching Creativity with
    California Standards

    Presented by The Los Angeles County Office of Education, the workshop series frames the importance of the arts to engage and maximize student learning.  Teachers participate in activities to create multidisciplinary and project-based teaching in alignment with California State Standards including History-Social Studies, English Language Arts, Science, and Visual and Performing Arts. Extensive resources are  provided including video of modeled strategies, art works, lesson plans and scholarly research.


    Common Core and the Arts PD





    Theater Arts Integration

    Teachers who provide English Language instruction participate in various theater techniques - articulation, projection, body movement, etc. and lesson planning activities to integrate the theater arts into their curriculum.  


    ELD Theater integration