Attendance is monitored on a daily basis. Students are expected to be in class every day, and they are expected to be on time.

    If a student will not be in class, or will be late, a parent/guardian should notify the office at (818) 729-7600 or email CDSAttendance@burbankusd.org .

    Students benefit most from attending daily presentations and lessons by our teachers.

    A student who misses a portion or all of a period in the day is put at a disadvantage in accessing information, knowledge, learning skills, and information application. Therefore, each student is required to attend all meetings of every class for which he or she is enrolled.

    Any student absent or tardy must have a note in writing (email is acceptable) or a call from a parent specifying the reason for the absence. Unexcused absences and tardies place the student in jeopardy of failing one or more classes. Students are responsible for making up all work missed within a reasonable time period outlined by the teacher.

    Parents should call the office to receive homework after two consecutive days of an absence that is expected to continue. Work to be made up for less than 3 days can be given upon the return of the student. Messages for teachers can be left on voicemail at the school.



    updated 08/05/23