• Principal: Mr. Frank Fuentes

    Community Day School provides a classroom environment in which students work to improve behavior, attendance and academic performance. The curriculum is aligned with that of the District's comprehensive middle and high schools and is based on the District and State adopted content standards. In addition, the site also houses an alternative program for Special Education students.

    There are currently four classrooms in the Community Day School. The average enrollment per classroom is 20 students, with current enrollment totaling 35 students. The capacity of the program is 75 students. The Speical Education program serves 10 students and is staffed by a teacher and an instructional assistant for each classroom.

    The staff consists of teachers, instructional assistants, an administrator, and a campus supervisor. The Coordinator of Alternative Education, the Director of Student Services, and Student Services Attendance Workers provide additional support for the program. Family Service Agency of Burbank staff provides additional counseling services to students and their families thanks to an outside agency agreement.

    Staff maintains consistent communication with the students' parents who play an active role in the teens' education by attending meetings and, in some cases, attending class with their teen. Positive recognition is a goal of the staff, rewarding students for making progress behaviorally and academically. We encourage students to do their best with recognitions that include Student of the Month, field trips, and gift certificates from local businesses.





    last revised on July 29, 2019