Disney Grad Nite image with disney characters and date May 20, 2020

Opt-Out Option

  • Dear Seniors,

    At this point in time, you are being given the opportunity to opt-out of Grad Night at Disneyland due to Corona Virus concerns. If you do not opt-out between today and April 16th  at 1pm, tickets will be non-refundable, no exceptions and regardless of cancellation. In addition, regardless of how many students opt out of going, no tickets will be sold nor may students change their mind after indicating they would like a refund. All students seeking a refund must see Ms. Burkhart in room 106 (Athletics and Activities office). Refunds may take up to a month to process.


    • Feb 4: begin Grad Nite packet distribution from of room 1301 at lunch.
    • Feb 18 through Feb 28: Grad Nite ticket sales for Burbank HS.
    • Mar 4: Grad Nite tickets become Non-Refundable