• Burbank Adult School Director's Greeting

    With the core beliefs of equity, collaboration and excellence, Burbank Adult School continues to focus on offering high quality instruction that will prepare students for their future. With pathways designed to transition students into college, vocational education, and directly into the workforce, Burbank Adult School commits itself to its students' success and lifelong learning.

    Burbank Adult School offers:
    ■ English As A Second Language (ESL )
    ■ Adult Secondary Education/High School Diploma
    ■ Adult Basic Education
    ■ Career & Technical Education (CTE)
    ■ Parent Education
    ■ Enrichment Classes
    ■ FACTS (Foothill Area Community Transition Services)

    If you are seeking to train for a career, improve your existing skills, learn English, complete your high school diploma, earn your high school equivalency, or become a more effective parent, then Burbank Adult School is for you. We are committed to providing supportive teachers, counselors, staff and administrators to assist you in achieving your educational goals. We are an inclusive campus, and all students are welcome. This is your school, your community, your future.

    I am honored to serve as the Director of such a fine school and look forward to meeting you and helping you continue your quest to be a lifelong learner.

    Very truly yours,

    Juan Noguera
    Director, Burbank Adult School

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