• Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Miller School! We are grateful for the time and energy you give to help our students thrive. 

    Our parent/community volunteers support our school in a variety of ways:

    • PTA and Booster Club 
    • Classroom helpers
    • Field trip chaperones
    • Library, Computer Lab, and Curriculum Lab helpers
    • Special Events


    Do you need to submit a Volunteer Application?

    • YES Anyone who wants to be a school volunteer must submit an online volunteer application for the current school year, even if you have previously been approved at Miller. This icludes anyone interested in chaperoning a class field trip or helping out in class or elsewhere on campus on a regular basis. Please submit you application well in advance of any field trip or other special event. Please know that teachers can select only a limited number of approved volunteers as field trip chaperones or classroom helpers, and may not be able to utilize everyone who is interested. Only approved volunteers selected as chaperones may accompany students on field trips.
    • NO If you just want to help with a supervised one-time special event, such as a class holiday party or campus book fair. You do not need to be an approved volunteer for these purposes. 


    To be on the APPROVED VOLUNTEER LIST, please complete the following 4 steps :

    1 - Complete the Volunteer Application for the current school year (this includes all returning volunteers). Applications will now be online only. Please choose the appropriate link below.

    Volunteer Application - English and Armenian

    Volunteer Application - Spanish

    *VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT Select: - Volunteer for overnight trip or Volunteer for student transportation (These two options will require additional approvals and cause our school to deny your application).

    2 - Upload a copy of a valid driver’s license or ID.

    3  - Upload a TB Risk Assessment : TB Risk Assessment

    Each volunteer is required to upload a Tuberculosis Risk Assessment or a Certificate of Completion within the past 60 days prior to application to become a volunteer. If risk factors are identified, an additional examination to determine that s/he is free of infectious tuberculosis shall be conducted. This examination shall be conducted by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. The TB test is valid for 4 years.  

    4 - Please print and sign the MPN form : Medical Provider Network Acknowledgement


    **You may not begin volunteering until you have been notified by email that your volunteer application has been approved.

    If you have any questions or issues with the application process, please contact our office.

    Thank you for supporting our students and staff!



    Updated 8/20/19

Last Modified on August 21, 2019