• Welcome Panther Parents!


        During the school year, our students have had access to multiple web-based programs. They also have access to these programs outside of their studies. Please follow the instructions below to access these amazing learning tools!


        Each student has a unique District Login Username and password. The username consists of their high school graduation year, first letter of their first name, (if applicable) first letter of their middle name, followed by their full last name (no spaces in-between any of the mentioned data).


    Example: 24JSmith



    The passwords are the students last four digits of their District ID Number, repeated twice (no spaces).


         Their District Username and Password can be used on the sites listed under "Direct Links to Our Program" and below.



    Our Amazing Programs


      BrainPOP Homepage Pearson      Pearson 

    Pearson      Ticket to Read   IXL Math



    Lo siguientes sitios de web NO NECESITAN un usuario o contraseña:


    Los siguientes sitios de web SÍ NECESITAN un usuario y contraseña:



     Pearson  Pearson      Pearson  Pearson