• The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the student government of John Burroughs High School. It is responsible for school dances, spirit weeks, blood drives, publicizing school events, representing Burroughs High at school board meetings, fundraising for the classes and serving as a liaison between sports teams and the clubs on campus. Most importantly, the students in ASB are representatives of the entire student body of John Burroughs.

    The ASB meets each day during period 4 in room 1133 (telephone Ext. 61133).

    Advisor: Katie Morreale

    Click HERE to go to the ASB website! Check it out for updates on the mascot, clubs, and other school events! 

    Click HERE to go to the JBHS Student Store to make ASB purchases, including dance tickets, spirit wear, and more!

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  • ASB Election Results for the 2022-2023 School Year
    ASB President: Ever Huerta
    ASB Vice President: Mia Terrano
    ASB Auditor: Nicole Jimenez
    ASB Executive Secretary: Mika Rubarts
    ASB Legislative Secretary: Vivi Cannon
    Senior President: Lindsey Mazarei
    Senior Vice President: Miranda Sanchez
    Senior Treasurer: Marcus Manahan
    Junior President: Paris Tesfu
    Junior Vice President: Sophia Luna
    Sophomore President: Kayla Cruz
    Sophomore Vice President: Payton Johnson