• All sixth grade Luther students take six classes. Classes consist of four core classes (language arts, social science, math and science), physical education, and an elective course. Sixth grade students may choose from the following four options for their elective (PLEASE NOTE: Students who do not meet the minimum criteria in reading/math may be placed in an intervention class instead of an elective class). There are four options. Contributions toward rental, performance or other materials costs related to yearlong classes are gratefully accepted.


    The first four options are YEARLONG classes. This class would be the only elective for the year.

    The Exploratory Wheel option gives students the opportunity to take four different electives throughout the year.

    OPTION 1: Beginning Band (No experience required, no instrument required) $@ - YEARLONG CLASS

       If you love music and have always wanted to play an instrument, this class is for you!  You do not need any experience    at all!  And better yet, there are instruments available for students who take this class.  We offer flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, 3 types of saxophones, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, percussion, and electric bass.  Make it a regular part of your school day and join in on the fun!  


    OPTION 2: Beginning Strings (No experience required, no instrument required) $@ - YEARLONG CLASS

        The same as Beginning Band but with violin, viola, cello and double bass


    OPTION 3: 6th Grade Choir (no experience required, no audition required) $@ - YEARLONG CLASS

        If you love to sing, dance and perform on stage this class is for you.  Start your singing career early.  Learn to read music and perform in a variety of settings.  No experience necessary but a desire to sing and dance is required.

    OPTION 4: Global Studies $ - YEARLONG CLASS

    This class participates in Global Scholars, an international program in which students ages 10 thru 13 communicate directly in e-classrooms with peers across the globe working to identify and solve a global issue such as food in cities, world of water, and nature in our cities. Some of the international cities involved include: Barcelona, Spain; Beijing, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hawaii, US;  Hiroshima, Japan; Houston, Texas; Istanbul, Turkey; Johannesburg, South Africa; London, England; Mumbai, India; New York City, US; Paris, France; Seoul, South Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Toronto, Canada.

    In addition to the Global Scholars program, students will learn about foods around the world, working together in Luther’s beautiful kitchen to cook and eat international specialties. *Eating the food prepared in class is required so that students try new things and we learn about eliminating food waste.


    $ indicates that contributions toward rental, performance, food or other materials costs related to this elective are gratefully accepted. 

    @ Class includes after-school performances and rehearsals.

    OPTION 5: Exploratory Wheel – Students will experience FOUR of the classes listed, ONE CLASS PER QUARTER


    EXPLORING FOODS: The main focus on this elective is on the health and well-being of Luther students. Lots of emphasis is placed on nutrition and how to live full, healthy lives. Students will learn cooking and baking basics and will be able to spend some time in Luther’s amazing kitchen. Some of the other topics covered include food waste and how to solve it and eating healthy while on a budget. 

    INTRODUCTION TO ART: Students will learn the elements of art and the principles of design.  They will have an opportunity to practice their visual arts skills using painting, drawing and mixed media.  Finished art will be taken home at the end of the quarter.

    INTRODUCTION TO KEYBOARDING: Students will learn the fundamentals of video creation. They will also work with Microsoft Word, Power Point, Photoshop and internet resources.

    INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH:  Students will have the opportunity to have fun learning a new language!  It is an introductory course to the Spanish language and culture.  We will learn to speak, write, and read in the target language.

    EXPLORING TECH: Students will experience four of the different activities called Modules.  Some examples of modules are: Lights & Lasers, Rocketry & Space, Electronics, and CNC Manufacturing.  Module activities are delivered through hands-on learning and multimedia curriculum.  Our modules focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. 

    DRAMA/MUSICAL THEATER: This course is designed to give students an introduction to drama and musical theater.  Students will learn various elements of drama, including types of drama, performance techniques, and stagecraft.