• 🌟Emerson Weekly Updates 9/25/23🌟

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 9/24/2023 6:00:00 PM
    🌟Emerson Weekly Updates 9/25/23🌟
    Good Evening Stars!
    This week is a mellow week for Emerson. It's a good week to do some family game nighting or reading together.
    Reading together is a great way to build a culture of literacy in your home.
    Check out this great article on family literacy.
    Here are our updates for this week:
    🌟Outdoor Science School🌟
     If your child is attending OSS please be on the look-out for an additional email this evening.
    If your child is not able to attend please remember that they are expected to be at school for those three days. They too will be focusing on science.  
    🌟PBIS/StarBucks Goals🌟
    We are continuing to work towards 1100 StarBucks for our goal around effort and focus in class. We made it about halfway to our goal last week. We know that our Stars can be amazing scholars and humans and are looking forward to having them challenge themselves to be their best selves.
    We did a great job separating out our trash last week thanks to all our Star-tastic volunteers! Thank you so much to all the family memebers who came out to support us.
    ⭐️School Site Council⭐️
    We are looking for an additional voting member for our School Site Council. If you are interested please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/CeYHGopwyLT3PdHz5
    After, there will a school-wide vote to elect the member. School Site Council members are elected to a two year term. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email.
    Thanks so much!
    Mrs. AJ
                                                you rock
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  • 🌟Emerson Weekly Updates 9/18/23🌟

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 9/17/2023 6:00:00 PM
    🌟Emerson Weekly Updates 9/18/23🌟
    Good Evening Stars!
    We had a busy week last week! Thanks to all the families who volunteered for our Picture Days and Breakfast with the Stars.
    Here are our updates for this week:
    🌟Dine Out!🌟
     We will be having a dine out at Blaze pizza on Wednesday the 20th. 
    50% of all proceeds will go to Emerson. Hope to see you there.
    🌟PBIS/StarBucks Goals🌟
    We are working towards 1100 StarBucks for our goal around effort and focus in class. This is a good time to talk at home about this. "What helps you do your best?"
    We are finally starting our Safety Valet program. Thanks to Mrs.Tubbs and all our 4th and 5th graders who have volunteered their time.
    🎨  Reflections Art Workshop🎭
    Join us as we explore the arts at our free workshops!
     Sept 19
    6:45pm-8:00pm Emerson Auditorium 
    We will be starting our sorting program in earnest this week. We will have voulunteers who will help students short trash, recycling, and composting.
    If you would like to volunteer to help use the link
    If you have signed up for Starsapalooza
    there is a mandatory parent meeting that will be held on Monday 9/18 at 6PM in the  Auditorium. 
    Here's to a wonderful week!
    Mrs. AJ
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  • Weekly Update 9/11/23

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 9/10/2023 6:00:00 PM
    🌟Emerson Weekly Updates 9/11/23🌟
    Good Evening Stars!
    Thanks to everyone who came out to Movie Night!  A big shout out to our PTA volunteers, especially Elaine Hammell our coordinator for making it happen!
    Here are our updates for this week:
    🌟Picture Day!🌟
     This week is Picture Week!  September 13th and 14th are the days! Grades 3-5 are on the 13th and TK-2 on the 14th. 
    🌟PBIS/StarBucks Goals🌟
    We are still working towards 1100 StarBucks for our goal areound Safety and taking care of our school. We only collected 435 StarBucks last week but I know we will continue to grow in the stewardship of our school.
    📚 Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 2023 Online Read-A-Fun is in full swing - September 5th - 15th! 📚
    Help us promote literacy and raise money for our amazing school! 
    Read-a-Fun Login information was sent home with your student on Thursday, 8/31. 
    If you have questions email mayacauble@gmail.com (Armenian & English instructions attached)
    Keep up the great work Emerson Rockstar Readers!
    Emerson’s Fall concert for the arts is presented by the Ralph Waldo Emerson Fundraising Committee and Burbank Music Academy. 
    The Burbank Music Academy will be forming more than 20 student bands. 
    Each band will have 5 weeks of music lessons where they learn to play a song on an instrument and perform together. 
    On Saturday, November 4, all the bands will perform for our Emerson community at our annual ⭐️STARSAPALOOZA⭐️ fundraiser! 
    Tickets will be $10 each and all proceeds go directly to programs for our students including class workshops, 
    musical education for grades TK-1, choir for grades 3-5, and much more (Armenian & English flyers attached)!
    Sign up your rock star today! 
    Armenian & English link
    🎨 Calling all Stars interested in learning more about the Reflections Art Contest! 🎭
    Join us as we explore the arts at our free workshops!
    Sept 13 & Sept 19
    6:45pm-8:00pm Emerson Auditorium - flyer attached! 
    🍌Come out and join us for Breakfast With The Stars Friday, Sept 15, 7:45am!🍩
    It's a fun opportunity to chat with me and hear about upcoming events!
    Bring any store bought food or drinks to share. 😊 
    This is a FAMILY event. Students must be accompanied by an adult family member to attend.
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  • Weekly Update 9/5/23

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 9/4/2023 6:40:00 PM


    Happy September Emerson Families! 

    Here are your updates for this week:

    🌟Don't Forget🌟

    Tomorrow is an early dismissal because it is TUESDAY. 

    1-2 2:05pm

    3-5 2:10pm

    🌟Traffic Safety🌟

    We have had several neighbors approach us about cars picking up students and blocking driveways. This cannot happen. You must stop and/or park in legal parking spaces. Please be especially mindful of this on Tuesdays.

    Also, please refrain from crossing with your child in the middle of the block. It is dangerous. Please use crosswalks. 

    We will be working with BPD to monitor these situations. Thanks for your cooperation.

    🌟5th Grade OSS Meeting🌟

    We will be holding a meeting for all 5th grade parents to discuss Outdoor Science School happening at the end of this month, TOMORROW at 6:00 pm in the auditorium. It is very important that families attend especially if you are still deciding on attendance.

    🌟PBIS/StarBucks Goal🌟

    We will be working this week to earn 1100 StarBucks by focusing on Safety and School Stewardship. We really want to make sure that we are working together to take care of our school and following guidelines on the playground to keep each other safe.

    This is a good time to discuss at home how we take care of our environment and spaces we share with others.

    We will announce our reward on Thursday.

    🌟Morning Stars Program🌟

    Our Morning Stars program will begin tomorrow. If you have registered you will recieve a separate email later this evening with all the details.

    🌟Back to School Movie Night🌟

    Our PTA Back-to-School Movie Night is FRIDAY! Woot! Woot! Join us will your beach blankets and chairs this Friday evening. Please note that this is a family event and students must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult family member. Gates open at 6:00pm. Food will be available for purchase.

    Thanks so much STARS and families! We are having a continued awesome start to the school year! Thank you for all you do to be a meaningful partner in your children's educational success.

    Mrs. AJ


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  • Weekly Update 8/28/23

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 8/27/2023 6:00:00 PM

    🌟Emerson Weekly Update🌟

    Good Evening Families,

    Thanks for a wonderful week! We appreciated seeing you at Back to School Night and are looking forward to partnering with you throughout the year. Here are the updates for the week of August 28th.


    🌟Morning Stars Program

    We are trying very hard to be able to fund the morning care program for early arrivals and kinder Late Birds. Currently, we are shy of the amount of students needed to support the program. We are reaching out one more time to see if you would be interested in this program. 

    The flyer is attached.

    If you have submitted your interest form we will be reaching out next week with a hopeful start date of September 4th. However, we need at least 5 more families.

    🌟After School Care

    Both Burbank Parks and Rec and the Boys and Girls Club have additional openings for after school care here at Emerson for grade 1-5. Please visit our website for additional information or go to their websites directly.

    🌟PBIS/StarBucks Goals

    This week our Stars did a wonderful job meeting our PBIS/StarBucks goal. This week we will focus on RESPONSIBILITY. This is a good time to talk at home about what makes us responsible both at home and at school.

    Part of school is learning how to gain independence through out the years as we move towards secondary school. Even TK students can move towards independence and understanding responsibility when expected to have responsibilities around the house. Examples of this may include staying on a schedule, helping with a pet, or having chores. 

    Our goal is to earn 1100 StarBucks as a school. Our reward will be announced Thursday afternoon if we are successful!

    🌟School Site Council

    Please check your email from last week for information on our School Site Council happening on Wednesday evening. Another message will go out Tuesday evening.

    🌟Traffic Safety

    Please be courteous of neighbors when picking up and dropping of students. Please refrain from double parking and/or using driveways not belonging to the school. Also, please walk to the nearest crosswalk to walk students across the street. We have seen too many close calls and want to make sure that we are doing our best to keep our Stars safe.

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful evening!

    Mrs. AJ




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  • Weekly Update 8/21/23

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 8/20/2023 6:30:00 PM

    ✨ Emerson Weekly Update for The Week of 8/21✨


    Hello Families!

    This has been quite a thrilling weekend! I hope you are all staying safe. We are looking forward to a great week with weather predicted to clear by midday Monday. Here are our updates for the week:


    During rainy days we will open three gates: Cypress, Lower San Jose, and the Auditorium. Students will either be directed to go straight to their classroom or to the auditorium depending on their arrival time. We will have lots of people available to help our little ones and those new to the school.



    We do our best to predict when a rainy day dismissal is indicated. Tomorrow should not be require a rainy day dismissal. However, if we do, we will send messages through email and Dojo. 

    Pick up spots only change for 1st grade and 4th Grade. 

    1st grade will exit from the Auditorium DOOR and 4th grade will exit on Cypress from the LOWER CYPRESS gate.




    THURSDAY, August 24th

    This is a night for adult family members to visit their Star’s classroom to find out about what to expect this year. We do not have childcare or supervision for this event. Please plan accordingly.

    3rd-5th Grade will be held 6:00pm-6:45pm

    TK-2nd Grade will be held 6:50pm-7:30pm



    Come check out the Scholastic Book Fair next week! 

    8/21 2:00-4:00pm

    8/22 12:00-3:30pm

    8/23 2:00-4:00pm

    8/24 5:00-8:00pm

    8/25 2:00-4:00pm


    We had a great week last week discussing how we make our school a place where we all enjoy learning and growing together. I have seen so much kindness and care of each other already! This week we will focus on perseverance and empathy. 

    We use StarBucks to reinforce positive contributions to our community. This week we are working to collect 1000 StarBucks as a school. Our reward for this week will be announced on Thursday! We are excited to see our Stars grow and succeed. 

    This is a great time to point out and discuss empathy and perseverance at home. How can these traits help us be successful and help others succeed as well?


    Thanks everyone for a wonderful first week! We can’t wait to see all the wonderful things to come! 


    Have a wonderful evening ♥️

    Mrs. AJ


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  • Weekly Update

    Posted by Jennifer Almer on 8/13/2023 7:00:00 PM

    ⭐️Good Evening Emerson Families!

    We are so excited  to welcome you back to school tomorrow. School begins for all students at 8:30am. Please see your previous email for all the details regarding the first day of school.

    For this of you who are new here, you can expect an email and phone call each week to let you know about all the activities going on at school for the week. This is the first one of the year and I am excited to get started.


    This week all of our STARS will be working to learn and review our Star's Pledge. We will be focusing on teambuilding, creating community, and succeeding together. All of our teachers and staff have planned great activities to help build the type of community that supports all students with joy and kindness.


    At the end of last year our school started a group of peer mentors called Star Squad. Our Star Squad will be out on the yard helping to welcome you to Emerson. 

    WATER and HEAT⭐️

    Please make sure your children have plenty of water. It is best to send reusable water bottles to school. We have several placed to refill bottles. Please clearly label them. If you would like to donate water please do so directly to your child's classroom. 

    PE for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades⭐️

    We are excited to once again offer a full PE program with a credentialed PE teacher. PE begins tomorrow! Please make sure students are wearing athletic shoes.

    PTA and Fundraising Committee Meetings⭐️

    We will have our first meeting on Thursday at 6:30 in the Auditorium. This is a GREAT way to meet families and find out about what is happening at school. Translation and childcare are available.

    START and RELEASE Times

    Please note that we have slightly different release times from last year.

    TK-5 will ALL begin at 8:30.

    Release times are as follows:

    K - 12:00

    TK- 1:30

    1-2 - 2:25

    3-4 2:45

    TUESDAY - Early outs 


    1-2 2:05

    3-5 2:10

    So excited to see all of you!

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful evening!

    Jen Almer-Johnson


    so excited


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