• Please review these updated COVID 19 options for meeting NAFTrack Certification Internship Requirement.

    Required Hours: NAF has announced that it will continue to accept paid and unpaid hours for the work requirement for all graduating classes. They have also announced that they will continue to expect only 80 hours of experience. Be sure you understand that NAF required hours and the BUSD required service hours are NOT the same thing and cannot be used to meet both requirements! (To be clear: They will no longer require 120 hours or require your experience to be paid.)  

    Internship Options:

    -       1-to-1 in-person Internship

    -       Group-Based in-person Internship

    -       Virtual Internship (1-to-1 or group-based)

    -       Clinical Experience

    NAF has approved the following options to temporarily meet the NAFTrack internship requirement.

     Alternative Experience Options: Skill-Building Activities and Projects (temporary alternative)

    -       Volunteer experience for a non-profit (not the same as your BUSD service hours!)

    -       CTSO/SkillsUSA or Business Focused Project with business partner(s) assisting as project mentor/supervisor

    All experiences must meet the following requirements:

    -       80+ hours (or two 40-hour experiences)

    -       Paid, compensated, or volunteer/unpaid

    -       Direct supervision by an accountable adult who is not the student’s teacher or parent/relative

    -       Completion of the NAFTrack Internship Assessment by the student’s mentor/supervisor (not teacher, parent, or guardian) at the end of the internship