• Information interviews give you the opportunity to turn the tables and ask professionals about their experience. My favorite question:  Would you do it the same if you could do it all over again?

  • Informational Interviews:

    1st interview - you may interview a parent or relative for your first experience.

    2nd & 3rd interview - you should interview someone from your academy career field. (You may choose a different career field if you've changed your mind.)

    4th interview - you should interview someone in any career that you are interested in pursuing.

    NOTE:  All informational interviews should be on the SAME Google Doc.  You add each interview writeup at the top of the document.  NAF teachers should be able to review and see all of your previous interviews.

    All NAF Students should do at least ONE informational interview a year.  Start with interviewing your parents and then move on to professionals in the industry where you'd like to work.  (These are the same questions you'll use when you complete your internship informational interview.  Feel free to add your own!)

    Click HERE for the questions to ask and what's required in your written essay reflection.

    Click HERE for a timeline for how to complete the project.  Ask your specific teacher for the due dates.