• The thought of having a 16 or 17 year old kid work in my office seemed like asking a lot of my time and of my staff.  We are a busy office with 3 staff plus 5 volunteers in a small space and it seemed like it would take more work than we would get out of the deal.  But, after 9 weeks of having students who start as timid, inexperienced, giggly teens -- they turned out to be an awesome group of young professionals who we consider hiring.  The internship experience is give and take by everyone involved.  Having a balance of confidence and basic abilities plus being open to learning is a key to success. Consistency, honesty, being on time, constant communications, asking for clarification, and confidence are core values that make a difference for a positive internship experience.

    Dale Gorman, Executive Director - Kids’ Community Dental Clinic

    We have enjoyed working with the school and these bright and talented students, who are seeking an internship to grow their work experience. The students I’ve invited into my workplace were smart, showed up on time, teachable, ready to work and eager to learn how business operates. Excited to see them blossom and looking forward to their growth in the working world.

    Erick Garcia - EGI AGENCY

    NAF interns have been part of Team UMe for the past three years now, and we have enjoyed our partnership very much. Interns have assisted our team with everyday tasks in various departments and also contributed to important projects, including our community outreach initiatives. We've also enjoyed getting insight into student life, which has helped us with our approach to financial education to young adults. We’re very happy with our UMe interns and are looking forward to many more in the future!

    Steven Mozo, former Marketing Director - UMe Credit Union

    Gain Federal Credit Union has enjoyed having BUSD NAF student interns over the last several years. Having these students assist in daily credit union operations including marketing tasks, lending, and front line duties helps give them real life work experience. Our goal through the intern experience is to better prepare the students for their future while providing a place for them to build professional connections and career skills. We look forward to the intern program each year and have built longtime relationships with our interns.

    Joanna Tomlinson, Marketing Project Coordinator - Gain Federal Credit Union