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    Smart businesses don't worry about their talent pipeline.  They BUILD it.  Host a NAF intern!  Today's high school students are tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Every NAF student must complete an 80-hour paid internship to be NAFTrack Certified.  We need your help.

    What should you expect from student interns?

    We work with our NAF students to prepare them for the internship experience.  Academy students are highly motivated, ready for the challenge, skilled in various technologies, HIPAA trained, and possess basic soft skills.  Our students are expected to take the initiative and rise to expected standards.

    What is expected of an internship host?

    We ask that our internship hosts be ready to welcome and train young minds.  We ask that you set the bar high and guide interns towards success.  We ask that you challenge your intern and support our future leaders.

    What are the benefits?

    You are giving back.  You are paying it forward.  You are making a difference.  Your intern will be a valuable addition to your team!

    Ready to Host?

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    Forms below are required from each supervisor:

    1. Supervisor Evaluation
    2. Intern Goals
    3. Intern Proof of Hours