• NAF Work Experience/Internship Assignment 

    What is required in terms of work experience/internship for NAFTrack Certification?

    1. Every NAF student is required to complete the work experience/internship assignment in order to become NAFTrack Certified. Your work experience/internship should begin after the completion of tenth grade but be completed by winter break of senior year. 

    2. Required Hours: NAF has announced that it will continue to accept paid and unpaid hours for the work requirement for all graduating classes. They have also announced that they will continue to expect only 80 hours of experience. Be sure you understand that NAF required hours and the BUSD required service hours are NOT the same thing and cannot be used to meet both requirements!   

    Quick Overview of the Work Experience/Internship Assignment:

    1. Before you start, review the expected Student Future Ready Skills form and review yourself.

    2. Before you start, review all the requirements for your digital portfolio and check out an example.

    3. Keep track of your hours - we only accept these 2 options.

    4. Continually strive to improve your Future Ready Skills.

    5. Collect evidence of your work experience!

      1. Photos of you in action (check with your supervisor)

      2. Documents, spreadsheets, brochures, slides you created for work
    6. Towards the final hours, ask your supervisor to complete the NAF Future Ready Skills Assessment AND verify your hours

    7. At the end, review the expected Student Future Ready Skills form and review yourself again.
    8. Complete the work experience/internship reflection in complete paragraphs.

    9. Click HERE for a content checklist.

    10. Upload all required documents to your portfolio.

    Due Date:

    1. You MUST upload your completed/published portfolio link to your NAF Academy Google Classroom.

    2. You MUST upload it by 11:59pm on the Friday before spring break of your senior year

    3. You MUST be a member of your NAF Academy Google Classroom in order to turn it in! Join codes can be found on our NAF website.

    Required Settings:

    1. Remember, your portfolio MUST NOT be on your BUSD account! It MUST be created with a personal email!
    2. Please set all Google documents, sheets, slides, to ANYONE WITH THE LINK CAN VIEW.

    3. Please only include your Gmail address for your contact information.

    4. Do NOT include your cell phone number or home address.


    Review the following 4 sections that fully explain what is required on your Work Experience/Internship page on your NAF Digital Portfolio!

    This portfolio page has 4 REQUIRED sections. You must include all the requested information and documentation below.

    Section 1: Experience data - top of the page

    1. Your Name & 9-digit school ID#

    2. School & Academy Name: Business, Engineering, or Medical

    3. Employer Name (Name of Company)

    4. Work Exp/Internship Address (or list if virtual)

    5. Supervisor Name (Name of Person)

    6. Supervisor Email & Supervisor Phone Number

    7. Work Exp/Internship start date

    8. Work Exp/Internship end date (select the due date if you are still working)

    9. Compensation: paid or unpaid

    10. Number of hours interned

              *Repeat steps 3 - 10 if you have completed more than one work experience/internship.
    Section 2: Work Experience/Internship Overview & Evaluation

    • Embed a Video Diary: Prepare, record, and upload an approximately one-minute video that introduces yourself and provides an overview of where you worked and what you learned from the experience. Either DFS or wear the uniform from your job.

    • Embed your pre and post Future Ready Skills Self-Reflection forms.
    • Embed the Work Experience/Internship Reflection written in complete, thoughtful paragraphs.  Each prompt should be responded to with a complete, properly structured paragraph of no less than 250 words. Each paragraph must include the following:

      • Topic sentences, 4-5 supporting detailed sentences, and conclusion sentence

      • Varied sentence structures, transition words

      • Appropriate capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling

      • Industry-specific vocabulary

    Section 3: Work Experience/Internship Examples & Pictures: Collect concrete examples of the valuable work you contributed to your workplace.

       Ideas include:

    • Examples of documents you created or helped create 

    • Examples of documents you referenced to perform duties 

    • Provide 3-5 pictures of where you work and any equipment/machines that are a part of your job. You must be in the pictures! Label and explain each item/picture. 

      • **Check with your supervisor about how best to take photos if there are privacy regulations in place. Get creative and ask your supervisor to help you take the photos to be sure you are in compliance with regulations.

    Section 4: Verification and Assessment/Evaluation

    • Verify Your Work Exp/Internship Hours: (2 hours verification forms are required if you have completed 2 experiences) You may either use this form to track your hours or have your supervisor type a verification letter like this example. The typed verification letter should include the number of hours you completed and your start and end date. The proof of hours should be typed on company letterhead OR if not on letterhead, you must attach a business card.

    • NAF Supervisor Assessment Form/Evaluation: (2 required if you complete 2 experiences): You must have your supervisor evaluation form completed when you turn in your portfolio. Be sure and give your supervisor at least 2 weeks notice before the end of your internship. *Share the PDF form from the NAF website with your supervisor. A copy of this form is required on the work experience/internship page of your site. Use your evaluation form and complete this required data form (to be used to fill out a Google form in early April.)

    Update Your Career Documents Page: Update all of your documents to reflect this new experience & new references. Career documents are not required on your work experience/portfolio page.