• BUSD Health and Safety Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Students (FAQ’s) 8.3.21

    We are excited to welcome back students and staff this August, 2021. Please see this link https://www.burbankusd.org/Page/3080 for the Burbank USD Covid-19 Containment Plan, the LADPH Reopening Protocols, the Exposure Management Plan, and Face Mask Guidelines. Each site has a Covid-19 Compliance Team, a Covid-19 Plan (see school website) and established routines for health and safety measures, reminders about hand washing and mask wearing, exposure management and other health and safety guidelines. In addition, all sites have had several visits by the District Covid Team and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Nurses and Health Assistants have also been assisting with health and safety protocols. Please note that Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines are changing frequently. We will continue to work to provide the most updated information, but the community is encouraged to check the LADPH website Student Services

          1.      When is BUSD opening for in-person instruction?

    Monday, August 16, 2021 for all grade levels. 

           2. Do students and staff have to wear masks? Do vaccinated individuals have to wear masks?

    Currently, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health is requiring all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear masks indoors. Please see our website and the link above for our face mask policy. Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own mask but the school district will provide masks if needed.


    1. Is physical distancing required?

    Currently, physical distancing is not required by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Teachers and staff will continue to encourage students to maintain physical distancing, as much as possible, but it is not an LADPH mandate. 


    2.            Will students be encouraged to wash their hands?

    Good hygiene is something we always want to reinforce with students.  This is one of the most effective infection reduction measures. Parents and staff can encourage and remind students to wash their hands regularly and to use hand sanitizer. Parents may send students to school with hand sanitizer but the school district will also be making it readily available. 


    3.            What happens if a student refuses to wear a mask? 

    Masks are mandatory per public health guidelines. If a student or staff member does not have a mask, then one will be provided. If a student is struggling with wearing a mask, then the teacher and administrative team can work to support the student and help them learn the correct way to wear a mask. If a student is defiant and refuses to wear a mask, then we will follow progressive discipline. Link to policy  https://www.burbankusd.org/Page/1070


    4.                   What if a student has special needs or has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask? 

    The Special Education Department has already reviewed students who may need accommodations and they have worked with site administration and staff to create a plan to assist the student. This group is very small in number, but if you have any concerns, please see your administrative team or the special education team at your site. Please see our Mask Wearing Guidelines for Students in Special Education or who have medical conditions. Link to policy   https://www.burbankusd.org/Page/3080

    5.            Will screenings before school be required? Temperatures taken? 

    Yes. Parents will be asked to complete health checks before students attend school. Parents, students, and staff should take their temperature in the morning before school and conduct a quick self-assessment for Covid-19 symptoms - cough, fever (100.4), chills, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, muscle or body aches, diarrhea, or vomiting. If a student or staff member are experiencing any of these symptoms, they should remain home and consult a medical provider. Please remember to notify your school if your child is sick. Parents and staff will be receiving a weekly reminder email regarding home health checks.


    6.            Are teachers and staff required to be vaccinated?

    The Covid-19 vaccine is not currently required for employment though the majority of our staff have been vaccinated. We have provided links to outside clinics and we have also provided BUSD/BFD clinics for our employees to have access to vaccinations. All employees have had numerous opportunities to get the vaccine. Vaccination information is private and protected. We are currently reviewing possible testing protocols for unvaccinated employees.


    7.            Will students be required to be vaccinated?

    The Covid-19 vaccine is not required at this time. The vaccination is currently approved for children who are age 12 and above.  The certification process for vaccines for children takes longer, hence the delay. Vaccine administration for children will be guided by LADPH guidelines and the CDC. Vaccination information is private and protected.


    8.            What is the Covid-19 testing plan for students or staff?

    Testing is not required by LADPH for school districts. If an employee or student tests positive, we have resources for testing. 


    9.            What are the daily cleaning guidelines for schools? 

    Cleaning routines will be followed. Facilities has purchased additional cleaning and disinfecting equipment like backpack sprayers and improved products to assist with cleaning protocols. Custodians have received training. Custodians will be using a checklist to show they have cleaned specific rooms. Link to Daily Cleaning Guidelines https://www.burbankusd.org/Page/3080


    10.          What supplies will teachers have in their classrooms?

    BUSD has provided masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, partitions where needed, signs, bottle fillers, and additional equipment for nurses and special education classrooms. Drinking fountains will also be available per current Public Health guidelines. 


    11.          Can students and staff help clean between classes?

    Yes. We all have a vested interest in working together to keep our schools, classrooms and facilities clean. This is only on a volunteer basis.


    12.          Will restrooms be cleaned more often?

    Please see the Daily Cleaning Guidelines in question #11. 


    13.          Have air filters been upgraded?

    During Distance Learning, our facilities team was hard at work outfitting school buildings and classrooms with MERV13 filters.  All sites have MERV13 filters, which is a high-grade filter system. https://www.burbankusd.org/Page/3210 


    14.          Does BUSD have PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in stock?

    BUSD has purchased masks, gloves, partitions (where needed), signs, bottle fillers (replaced drinking fountains), and additional equipment for nurses. Sites have requisitioned stocks of supplies for the sites, and they can request more when necessary. 


    15.          Can students use the playground equipment?

    Yes, as long as the playground equipment is cleaned daily. Students should wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and maintain physical distancing on the playground equipment.


    16.          Can students share classroom supplies?

    Whenever possible, students should have their own supplies.  If supplies are difficult to share, like manipulatives for math, teachers, staff and students can wipe these types of supplies between each use.


    17.          How will attendance be handled?

    School schedules and attendance will follow the same rules as a typical school year. 


    18.          Can students take independent study?

    According to the State of California, “parents can request individualized study for a pupil whose health would be put at risk by in-person instruction, as determined by the parent or guardian of the pupil.” 


    Students grades 7-12 can attend our Independent Learning Academy - link to sign up for more information. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQndDLx4mgLnlfFDSsJsoqz3GXQTPqYyc6_xyTCfuoxvq8Fw/viewform 


    Elementary students can contact their school to request more information. Additional information on Independent Study will be shared during the week of 8/2.


    19.          What happens if a student or staff member is symptomatic, tests positive, has a family member who is positive for Covid-19?

    BUSD will follow the decision pathway as prescribed by public health.  Nurses, health assistants and administrators have been following exposure management protocols all year for child care, staff and cohorts. They will consult with the LADPH and the District Covid Management team for guidance. We will continue to follow the LADPH decision pathway for exposure management and case management. In the event we are informed of a positive Covid-19 case in your child’s classroom, you will be notified if your child has had an exposure. Link to Exposure Management Plan http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/docs/protocols/ExposureManagementPlan_K12Schools.pdf


    20.          If my child is vaccinated and exposed to someone with Covid, will they need to quarantine?

    No, quarantine is not required in this case per LADPH as of July 28, 2021. If a vaccinated individual does not have symptoms and has an exposure, they do not have to quarantine but they should test for Covid. As long as it has been 14 days after being fully vaccinated and the individual does not have symptoms of Covid-19. 


    21.          Is there a travel advisory?

    No. Currently, there is no travel advisory. However, families traveling out of state or country should always check with LADPH guidelines and their destination’s local health guidelines for current orders. 

    ****These advisories can change so please visit the LADPH website for information and travel advisories if you are planning to travel. http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/data/index.htm


    22.          Will students and staff need to wear masks in the hallways?

    Students and staff must wear masks when walking through indoor hallways. 


    23.          Can band and orchestra and other performing arts resume?

    Yes, as long as they follow the indoor mask mandate. Dancers, singers, and IMA must wear masks indoors. If students are performing or practicing outside, then they should try to maintain physical distancing. 


    24.          Will lunch be served?

    Yes, our BUSD Food Services will have lunch available on our school campuses.  


    25.          Are visitors and volunteers allowed on campus?

    Yes, but they must follow health and safety guidelines. In addition, sites should be sure these individuals check-in through Raptor and maintain records of time and location visited in the event that contact tracing is required. 


    26.          What is the plan if school is required to close again due to Covid-19?

    Our teachers and staff are now experienced in teaching Distance Learning. Our teachers and staff are prepared to switch to Distance Learning if it is necessary. In addition, our students will have a chrome book and access to technology. 


    27.          What do I do if I am concerned that health and safety protocols are being violated?

    Please talk to your site administration or school nurse. You can also contact Stacy Cashman, Director of Student Services. stacycashman@burbankusd.org or 818 729 4456.


    Stacy Cashman


    Director of Student Services

    1900 West Olive Avenue

    Burbank, CA 91506-2460

    818 729 4456