Enrollment for 2020-2021 School Year

  • Even though our schools remain physically closed, we want to continue to welcome new BUSD students to the district through virtual enrollment. Please follow the steps below to virtually enroll your student:

    1. Complete online enrollment at https://burbankusd.asp.aeries.net/AIR/
    2. Scan and email, mail, or fax the following documents to mariaospina@burbankusd.org 
      1. Legal proof of Age (birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate – temporary)
      2. Proof of Residency (Utility Bill or “pink sheet” from BWP- temporary)
      3. Immunizations *
      4. Picture ID
      5. Current report card for elementary or transcript for secondary (entering grades 1-12)

    Please scan and send the forms to our Attendance clerk mariaospina@burbankusd.org. If you cannot scan these documents, please feel free take pictures of them and email those as attachments to either of the aforementioned ladies or mail them through USPS to the school site (the postmark will establish your time stamp). The school address is:

                      John Muir Middle School, 1111 N Kenneth Road, Burbank, CA 91504

    For additional enrollment information please visit the Enrollment Page of our district website.

    * The State of California requires all students in both private and public schools entering 7th grade to provide proof of receiving the Tdap booster, also known as the "whooping cough" vaccine, and a 2nd varicella, also known as the "chicken pox" vaccine.  If your student does not have one or both of the immunizations on file with our school's Health Office, please provide documentation as soon as possible to prevent delays with entry into 7th grade. 

    You may email your documents to richerealeman@burbankusd.org or provide a hard copy to our school office.



Last Modified on June 24, 2020