• 2023-2024 School Site Council


    Julie Markussen, Principal

    School Staff Members:

    Narineh Barzegar

    Linda Bitto

    Anush Avagyan

    Britta Maslyk

    Goli Olfati

    Christopher Slaughter

    Laura Messian (ELAC)

    Parent Members:

    Leila Casey

    Kelly Duenckel

    Kirsten Morris

    Student Members:

    Mateyo De Leon

    Diya Patel

    David Hadi

    Marco Duenckel


  • The School Site Council consists of a group of students, parents, and certificated and classified staff who meet to discuss, make recommendations, and give input on the development, implementation and evaluation of the school site plan. This group meets monthly as listed on the calendar. The members of this committee are elected by school stakeholders. Persons interested in participating on the council are asked to contact the principal for more information.