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    Joaquin Miller Elementary School is committed to building a safe and caring learning environment for our students, parents, and community.  It is an environment in which students’ gifts are celebrated and extended through a rigorous standards-based curriculum, and where all students recognize themselves as valuable, responsible citizens in a diverse global society. Our Miller staff continually goes above and beyond their daily responsibilities as educators and provides our students with continued opportunities to explore and challenge themselves. We are proud that Miller’s students leave our school as confident and prepared scholars.

    Thank you for your generous donation and for helping us continue with our school vision and our school motto, Striving for Excellence!!!. 

     Donations* can be made in the following areas: (Please click on the links for more information.) 

    We accept all types of donations including cash, check, or credit card. 


    Please complete the JOAQUIN MILLER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DONATION FORM and send it to the school if you want to donate by cash or check.

    Send to :  Joaquin Miller Elementary School

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    Questions can be sent to:  JoaquinMillerDonations@gmail.com

    * All donations are tax deductible. Our Tax id # :   95-6000418