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Thank you to our community partners and advisory board members!

    Adriana Garcia - City of Burbank
    Allison Portillo - Comprehensive Community Health Care Center
    Anita Hutchinson - UME Credit Union
    Armine Alajian - The Alajian Group
    Barry Gussow - Keller Williams
    Brady Griffin - City of Burbank
    Casey Klein - Thrivent
    Catherine Kestenian - Providence Tarzana
    Catherine Le - Solidworks
    Cindy Barakhyan - Junior Achievement of SoCal
    Cynthia Wagner - College Planning Experts
    Dale Gorman - Kids Community Dental Clinic
    David Escobar - UBS
    Dillon Ortega - Men's Wearhouse
    Emma Sanchez - Glendale Community College
    Harry Timuryan - Media West Realty
    Jasmin - Junior Achievement of SoCal
    Jim Darcey - Copy Central
    Joanna Tomlinson - Gain Federal Credit Union
    Johnathan Mercado - Coldwell Banker
    Linda Alaverdyan - All Inclusive Community Health Clinic
    Marine Dzhgalyan - All Inclusive Community Health Clinic
    Mary Fritner - Burbank Audiology Center
    Micheal Ortopan - Lakeside Medical
    Nancy Luzinski - PennyMac
    Paul Sabolic - Woodbury University
    Peter Beal - Northrop Gruman
    Sahak Khachikyan - ARCO
    Sean Aquino - City of Burbank BWP
    Steven Mozo - UME Credit Union
    Terry Walker - Providence St. Joseph's Medical Center
    Tiffany Nakawatase - Glendale Community College
    Victoria Derrick - Comprehensive Community Health Care Center
    William Van Noll - MEND Urgent Care