Dolores Huerta Vocal Music Program

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    Come Sing with Us!

    Treble Makers
    Beg./Int. Girl’s Choir 

    Clef Hangers
    Beg./Int. Boy’s Choir

    Int./Adv. Girl’s Choir

    Adv. Mixed Choir

    No audition required

    No audition required

    Audition required

    Audition required 

    How to sign up for Choir as your elective

    • Option 1: Treble Makers or Clef Hangers 
      • Treble Makers and Clef Hangers do NOT require an audition
      • If you have never sung in choir before and want to give singing a try, then these choirs are for you!

    How to fill out your elective form: 

    Select Treble Makers (girls) or Clef Hangers (boys) as your first choice on your elective google form here: Link to elective form

    All students who select Treble Makers or Clef Hangers as their first choice will be accepted into these classes. 

    *Please note: students who identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming will be placed in whichever of these classes is most comfortable for them. Non-gendered costumes will be available in all classes. Please reach out to Ms. Solow with any questions. 


    • Option 2: Cantabile or Madrigals 
      • Students who wish to be placed in Cantabile or Madrigals MUST AUDITION
      • If you have experience singing, these choirs are for you! 
      • To see how to audition, click on this link: Link to audition information

    How to fill out your elective form:   Link to elective form

    Girls: Select Madrigals as your first choice, Cantabile as your second choice, and Treble 

    Makers as your third choice. 

    Boys: Select Madrigals as your first choice, Clef Hangers as your second choice, and any elective for your third choice.

    After auditions are complete, Ms. Solow will place you in the appropriate class.