Burbank Unified School District Quality Teacher, Staff, and Schools Measure

Why is BUSD requesting a parcel tax?

  • Burbank Unified receives the lowest amount of local funding per student of the local districts

    When you combine local and state funding - BUSD is 2nd to LAST

    BUSD receives less funding than surrounding Districts


    $574 less per student (when compared to Glendale) equates to $8,861,986.00 based on enrollment as of August 26, 2019


  • How can I contribute to Burbank schools if I am not a Burbank Resident?

  • What is the BUSD Quality Teacher, Staff, and Schools measure?

  • Why a parcel tax?

  • What will the parcel tax cost?

  • Who pays the parcel tax?

  • Is anyone exempt?

  • What if I want to be exempted?

  • Who assures the money is spent properly?

  • What will the money be used for?

  • What happens if the measure doesn't pass?

  • Who may I contact with questions?