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Community Partners

  • Thanks to Our Community Partners!

    John Muir Middle School students greatly benefit from the generosity of parents, friends, family members, neighbors, community members and businesses. Our students have the chance to excel because of your dedication to their education.

    We have teamed up with several businesses and community organizations to enrich our school and instructional program:

Logix Federal Credit Union

  • Logix Federal Credit Union

    Logix logo Dr. Miller and Alethia Calagias from Logix Federal Credit Union joined forces with the help of the Principal Partners Program, sponsored by Burbank Business Partners. Along with the development opportunities the program offers Dr. Miller, he is also getting the school more involved in the community. Logix sponsored Muir’s drive for Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC), providing reusable bags and prizes for the winning classroom and students.

    The collection was a success with more than 5,000 items collected in April. Logix provided teachers and students with a reusable bag to fill with goods from BTAC’s wish list, including canned food, household and personal care items.

    The winning classroom brought in 521 items - Teacher Jennifer Moses and the 8th grade science students. The classroom received an iPad and each student was given a $5 Menchie’s gift card. The enthusiasm from the principal, teachers, students and parents helped the school achieve its goal.

    During the BTAC drive, teachers and students offered a curbside drop-off for parents. It was a great success with more than 5,000 items collected.


  • Nickelodeon logo Nickelodeon is a true partner with Muir and our arts programs. Nickelodeon has been instrumental in consulting on Muir’s new media program. The company has committed to bringing working professionals to Muir to provide state-of-the-art training to our filmmaking students. They have also donated video cameras and equipment to help launch this new program.

    Information Technology experts from Nickelodeon work with John Muir Middle School students in hands-on applications.

    Nickelodeon also offered a three-week afterschool technology class for students last year. The class covered subjects ranging from hardware to software to computer animation. This year, Nickelodeon is planning a 6-week afterschool class to teach students how to create an app. The class will again utilize experts from the field who work with students and open their eyes to the possibility of a career in technology or entertainment.

    Muir is thankful for a continued partnership with Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank.

Burbank Arts for All

  • Arts for All logo

    John Muir Middle School continues to maintain a strong community partnership with the Burbank Arts For All (BAFA) Foundation. 

    BAFA’s support has allowed to Muir to expand it course offerings to include Digital Media as a yearlong elective for 7th and 8th grade students.  Through BAFA’s generosity and support, Muir was able to purchase cameras, filmmaking equipment, and editing software. BAFA also generously provided professional development training for the Digital Media teacher to help ensure the success of the program.

    Muir’s auditorium is the “living room’ for the entire school community.  Our 1,450 students utilize the auditorium on a regular basis, as well as more than 500 students who participate in choir, band, and drama programs at Muir.  We are currently involved in a $100,000 Auditorium Renovation Project to make necessary upgrades to the auditorium.  The Burbank Arts for All Foundation has also supported our Auditorium Renovation Project by helping us to purchase lighting and sound equipment, as well as underwriting our tile wall project.  The money raised from the tile wall benefits renovations made to the auditorium. 

    The Burbank Arts for All Foundation also funds projects like:

    • A new kiln for the Ceramics program
    • Instruments for the Band and Orchestra
    • Materials to create model miniature golf holes for the Geometry class
    • Funding for Emily Dickinson Day with Kate Randolph

    The entire Muir community is grateful for BAFA’s support of our students and arts programs.  

Family Service Agency

  • Family Service Agency


    • COUNSELING Supporting the mental wellness and welfare of our community through individual, group, couple, and family therapy and other evidence-based treatment.
    • PREVENTING Protecting children, adults, families and our community through quality mental healthcare, comprehensive psycho-educational interventions, community education programs, and a commitment to well-coordinated community partnerships.
    • EDUCATING Transforming lives through the provision of clinical and peer lead support groups, curriculum-driven classes for individuals, couples, and families, and L.A. County Department of Probation approved psycho-educational interventions programs.
    • ADVOCATING Envisioning a just world, Family Service Agency has been committed to social service, social change, and social justice for over 60 years. Family Service Agency was the first and remains the only agency of its kind in Burbank.
Last Modified on May 21, 2024